Queries and Look-Ups

I provide a Look-Up Service. Please email me with as much information as you have, I will try to reply to you as soon as I can. I suggest that you refer to the Surname List of my records of the parish of Petrockstowe
Do not request information on a name that is not on the list as I will not have anything to send you. The list holds many similar names, these are often different spellings that have been used for the the same name at different times. All spelling versions that have been used anywhere in the records are included in the List. You may find the List of Devon Parishes by Genuki a useful reference

The OPC Scheme

I act as an Online Parish Clerk for the Village of Petrockstowe. An Online Parish Clerk does not work for the Parish, but is willing to assist those researching genealogy on a free of charge basis by holding and providing information from a variety of data such as census, parish registers and including any other such data as may be acquired. The scheme operates county wide, many towns and villages have an Online Parish Clerk who will provide information either from a website or by an email contact. Please follow the link to Genuki should you wish to find more about the Online Parish Clerk Scheme its history and exactly how it operates

Material that we require

We would be very grateful for any material that relates to the Village of Petrockstowe, please email us if you have anything that you would be willing to send us or copy to us either on loan or to keep. We would ask that if sending photographs and other information that we could publish on this website that you confirm that you are the originator of it, or you provide information enabling us to refer to the originator, so that we do not accidentally infringe any copyright. Information that would be of interest could be in the form of old letters, photographs, almost any form of registers or documents and news clippings. The complete list would be almost endless, but we would be very grateful for anything that you could make available for us to help us provide such information to those who are researching this village

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