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Saint Petroc's Rectors

From before the Norman Conquest to the dissolution of the monasteries the parish priest (rector) was chosen by the Abbot of Buckfast and some may have been monks.
After the dissolution of the monasteries Henry VIII gave the patronage to the nobility the first of these being the Dennis/Denys family, then to the Rolle family and the most recent being the Barons Clinton. The patrons had the power to choose whoever they wished to be the rector more recently this has been in consultation with the Bishop and Wardens

Anthony Gregorie was ejected by Cromwell after Mr Lewis Stucley saw a letter by the rector implying that he had been involved in procuring money for her majesty and testified to this before a committee which had him removed from his living which he regained from Charles I. Before these events the rector preached routinely twice a day and people came from Barnstaple and Pilton to hear him preach.

William Trevithicke who replaced Anthony Gregorie was ejected August 24 1662 from his living for refusing to sign the "Conformity Declaration."  Rev Louis Woolcombe held the office when the church was rebuilt

On the death of Rev William Smale the church authorities decided that the old vicarage was too expensive to keep up and sold it to Rev Smale's son and built a new rectory on the vegetable garden

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1270Master Henry de Hamptesfort Buckfast
1310Richard de Colestane Buckfast
1311 Master John de Lynham Buckfast
1317 John Pollard Buckfast
1340 Master Henry de Galmeton Buckfast
1342 Sir John Perour Buckfast
1345 Master Henry de Stawforde Buckfast
1348 Richard Yuel de Stoke Buckfast
1349 Sir Gilbert de Chysville Buckfast
1361 Richard Halrigge Buckfast
1365 Sir John Wademan Buckfast
1374 John Lugens Buckfast
1386 Sir Robert Palmer Buckfast
John Gaylord Buckfast
1413 John Herword Buckfast
1441 Sir John Hayggie Buckfast
Peter Stretch (resigned) Buckfast
1509 Thomas Trewortha Buckfast
1536 Thomas Bellworthy Buckfast
1536-37 John Smyth Buckfast
1549 Hugo Laine Henry Denys
1549 John Dawne
1549-50 John Taverner
1572 William Voysse (also written as Vassa)
1607 George Morten Sir Thomas Wise
1614 Authany Gregorie
Trevithicke an intruder on whose deprivation
1662-63 Edmond Hooper Samuel Rolle
1683 Thomas Horndon
1714 Charles Peters
Richard Ham (resigned)
1730 Samuel Rolle Robert Lord Walpole
1734 Thomas Ley
1747 Edward Jackson Robert Earl of Oxford
1731 William Paxton
1789 James Messenger
1815 John Knight (on whose cession) The Lord Clinton
1825 John Knight (on whose death)
1845 William Henry Cleave
1884 Ernest Walter Field
1903 Augustus George Alton
1910 Samuel Stidson
1912-29 William Edward Crosse-Crosse, Barrister
1925-29 William Henry Smaile - Snr Perpetual Curate
1929-61 William Henry Smaile - united benefice with Peters Marland
1962-63 Suspension
1964-79 Robert Frederick Grist
1980-87 Ian Peter Gregory
1988 John Patrick Benson - Priest in Charge
1989 Nigel Gerrish Mead - Team Rector & Rural Dean
1992 John Patrick Benson - Rural Dean

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