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The Site Search box of the Home Page works just like any search engine, but will search just the pages on this site and its sister site The Village of Petrockstowe

The Site Map lists all the pages on this site, with a brief description of what to find on each page

Page Search, each page on this site can be searched, for example, to find a surname or date. To do this with Internet Explorer just click on the Edit drop down menu then select "Find". You will then have a search box that operates only on the page that you are looking at. You can then enter a surname, e.g. "Smith". Other browsers will perform a similar function

On any of these searches you can enter part of a name!

This is good practise, as the spelling of names varies a lot due to transcribing errors and the lack of accurate spelling in times gone by..... Therefore to find "Fotheringdale," try entering "foth," you will find what you want and not miss it due to spelling irregularities. You may find a few names more, but this is a small price to pay for not finding it at all!

Finally, if you follow follow this link to the Genuki site you will find a complete list of Devon Parishes which may help you with your researches


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