Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Baxter Hall on Tuesday 18th September at 8pm 2007.


Councillors Present: P Vogel (chairman), I Fisher (vice chairman),

C Hanson, A Hunkin, W Luxton, D Kelsey,

District Councillor P Collins H Harris clerk public 2.



28        Apologies. Apologies received from Cllr J Harris Devon County Councillor

J Rawlinson, PCSO 30335 Melissa Baker,


29        Minutes The minutes of 18th July 2007 having been previously circulated were

approved and signed as a correct record.


30        Matters Arising


1)      Devon Wildlife The representative Mr S White could not attend owing to illness, to make another appointment with him in the new year, to speak at a meeting

2)      Parish Plans. Are waiting for the funding from The Community Council of

Devon, all the forms have been passed to Mr Greg Davies, we should

receive the grant in the near future according to him

3) Acer Tree Mr D Kelsey has sent photos to a friend in Kent who is a tree

expert, He suggested that the tree ought to be felled, but as the tree has a

TPO placed on it this cannot be done without permission from TDC,

Mr Mrs Fisher are going to mark the branches that need to be pruned before

all leaves are gone.

4) Street Lighting. Mr M Brown has read an article on street lighting, going to

let clerk have the information, Clerk will contact Cllr J Rawlinson when she

has received the information from Mr Brown

5)   Bird Scarer Clerk contacted Torridge on the complaint of bird scarer going of early mornings, I had to send them the name of person that complained, so that they could send them a complaints form, they would then look into the complaint . Cllr Hansen had looked on the internet re -bird scarers use, the hours that bird scarers are to be used are 6am-6pm.


31 Councillors Reports.

a) Baxter Hall - Cllr W Luxton at the Baxter Hall A G M all officers were

re-elected. Committee are applying to the lottery for funding to re-surface the

car park, and to extend the store room,

the recent anniversary supper was a success, the hall floor is going to be

stripped and polished week beginning October 15th for 1 week. A film Miss

Potter was shown on 25th September. Shrek 3 will be shown in the October

half term

b) Recreation Ground-Cllr Vogel The summer fete on the Recreation field and

the Party in the park were a great success making over 500. for funds. Next

meeting 28th September 2007.




Minutes of 18th September 2007 continued


c)    Torrington Advisory Committee. Cllr Vogel could not attend the last

meetings. has not had details of the next one yet.


d)   Play Area Cllr Harris wrote a report as she could not attend, A Circus day

was held on the recreation field in the summer holidays 38 children attended

Are holding a Halloween Party on the 31st October in the Baxter Hall. Next

meeting to be held on 26th September 2007.


e) District Councillor. P Collins spoke about committees that he is now on at

Torridge District Council. The staff at Torridge are going through an

assessment on there jobs. Still looking for more improvements, in some areas

the improvements that have been made, are now beginning to show.

The Exeter Unitary status is a great worry. Affordable housing discussed,

A real need for a housing survey, as affordable housing is a necessity in rural

areas. Transport is an issue.


32 Codes of Conduct. Chairman and clerk had attended Codes of conduct

meeting before our meeting in Torrington You now have to advertise the

Codes of conduct in the press our newsletter is not enough, we have joined

with Torridge to do this, we have to pay a small fee. towards the advert.

We should look at our standing orders, to make sure that they agree with

new codes


33 Public Session

(a) Police report read

(b) It raised that the Bus shelter and notice boards could do with a coat of

Varnish and preservative, the insides a coat of undercoat. It was proposed by

Chairman that we ask Mr Ian Fisher if he would do the jobs for us?,

Seconded by Cllr Luxton all in favour.

It was agreed that we should object to not collecting mail at the


(d) It was raised that when the Devon County Council were

trimming the hedges at Brandise Hill, they damaged the mile stone, that had

been recently cleared and cleaned, Mr G Fox is going to try and

(e) The Otter seat that was erected on the Tarka trail has been damaged. To

contact J Rawlinson to find out who is responsible for this.

(f) Readers file circulated. Containing LDF information. from TDC.


No more business the meeting closed at 9-20pm



Next meeting Tuesday 20th November 2007 at 8pm