Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall on 
            Tuesday 19th September 2006 at 8pm

Councillors present: Cllr Johnston, (Chairman) Cllr S Cottle, Cllr W Luxton, Cllr R Watts, Cllr P Vogel, 
					 Cllr A Hunkin, District Cllr P Collins, Mrs H Harris (clerk)

Members of public 9

42	Apologies of absence	Apologies received from Devon County Cllr J Rawlinson.

43	Resignation It was reported that Councillor Mr G Thatcher had resigned as Councillor and Chairman. 
	Nominations were received for Chairman Cllr W Luxton proposed Cllr S Johnston seconded by Cllr Cottle. 
	3 Cllrs agreed, 2 Cllrs abstained, no other nominations, Cllr Johnston was offered the position of chairman. 
	Cllr Johnston accepted the position.
	Nominations for vice chair, Cllr Luxton proposed Cllr S Cottle seconded by Cllr P Vogel, no other 
	Nominations, Cllr Cottle accepted the position of vice chairman, all in favour..
	Declarations of acceptance were signed by both Chairman and vice chairman.
	As soon as the Notices of vacancy are received from Torridge District Council they are to be placed on 
	Notice boards.

44	Minutes. Minutes of 18th July and 22nd August 2006.having been previously, Circulated, were approved 
	and signed as a correct record, with a correction to Minute No 4 Delete To be included at next meeting 
	Insert minutes to be approved at all meetings, Minute 34 No 4 Delete onion. Insert cesspit has been 
	installed. Cllrs all agreed..
45	Matters from minutes
	(a)	Maple tree at War Memorial It was resolved to get some more advice from the Royal Horticultural 
		Society, before deciding on what action to take, on the future of the Maple tree.

	(b)	Standing Orders only one query raised, does a quorum include the chairman, it does, on advice from the 
		Clerk, it was agreed not to revise Standing Orders.

	(c)	The Charity Commission have approved with the five-year lease for the play area, Baxter Hall confirmed 
		that the lease should be renewable without fiuther payment, when lease expires,
		It was agreed to contact the Solicitors, to have the page on the lease with the errors on amended, Parish 
		Council will then complete.
		Cllr Watts reported on the condition of playarea walls, He found no structural problems, but advised that 
		the ivy be removed from the walls.
		The Baxter Hall secretary confirmed that there is 13-59 in the play area account, and council asked that 
		this is transferred to play area committee
		As the Parish Council are taking over the play area, it was proposed that a Cllr on the play area committee 
		Reports on the play areas progress at our meetings.	All agreed.
		Clerk to get insurance quote, for the play area from 19th November 2006 to May 31st 2007. After it will be 
		Included in the Parish councils yearly insurance,
	(d)	A Parish plan for Petrockstowe was discussed, There is a meeting at the Lenwood Country Club on the 
		19th October, It was agreed that the chairman attend.
		Cllr Collins was asked about costing, for a parish plan, as the clerk from Merton was at our meeting she 
		Was asked for any information, on the cost, of parish plans, gave an account on some of the cost. They 
		Have a separate committee for the parish plan at their council.
		Cllr P Collins suggested we invite Ally Boyd from Torridge District Council to come and talk on a parish 
	(e)	School transport. It was resolved that the clerk contact the school transport organiser regarding 
		Re-routing, Torrington School transport from Northtown cross to the bus shelter in the village 
		Clerk to ask for a site meeting..

	(a)	The seat by the bus shelter was removed when the path by the bus shelter was re-tarmaced, and has not 
		Been replaced on its original fixings. The Clerk is to contact Devon County Council
	(b)	It was raised that the Townland rise signs be removed, also the collection of the refuse, as animals are 
		attacking the black bags of refuse, when put out previous evening, from the main highway, the road to the 
		estate has not been adopted. (Clerk to contact to Highways).


	(a) Devon Association of Parish Councils: Cllr S Johnston, Annual general meeting will be held on 
		Saturday 30 September 2006. Proposed changing in formulas to funding to make it fairer for smaller 
		Councils..The costs of hiring parish halls, varies when used for training purposes, and this is to be 
		In a recent survey it was voted that the South West has one of the highest housing costs, and is 
		Amongst the lowest earners.
	(b)	Recreation Ground. Cllr S Cottle reported on the events on the recreation ground The first summer 
		ball on August 5th was a great success Profits of 800-00.
		The it's a knockout on 26 August was another success raising 900-00.
		The next event the Mouse racing in the Baxter Hall on 28th October, proceeds will be shared between 
		Cancer Research & Recreation ground. Tickets will be on sale at 2.per person.
		The annual fireworks & bonfire will be held on the Recreation ground in November. 
		There is a vacancy on the Recreation ground committee. To be discussed at next meeting 
		A 100 club is being run 15 per year to help fund a pavilion Next meeting 25th September.2006.
	(c)	Play area. Cllr Cottle Next meeting of play area 10th October at the Laurels Inn at 8pm
	(d)	Torrington Advisory Group:Cllr P VogeL No advisory meetings have been held since our last 
		meeting. A date has not been received for the next meeting.
	(e)	Baxter Hall. Cllr W Luxton, The AGM for the Baxter Hall will be held on Monday 9th October 2006.

48	Planning Applications

	(1)	Application received from Mr Mrs B Jeffs Bramble Cottage Petrockstowe Nol/1946/2006LBC 
		Proposal: Replace door with stable door, add porch and lay natural slate path to front.
		Location: 4 The Square Petrockstowe Okehampton EX20 3HN. Council supported the application. 
	(2)	Mr R Brush Rose Cottage Petrockstowe No 1/1170/2006/FUL.
		This application was refused planning permission. By Torridge District Council.

49	Financial. There is to be an item on the agenda for the next meeting to discuss clerks wages. Under 
	standing orders it was agreed that the Clerk and Public be excluded for this item.

50 Corresnondence 
	(a)	Readers File circulated, 
	(b)	Letter from Mrs T Laughton Merton post office was read, no discussion was permitted, it is not 
		Council business. (Letter to be passed to editor of newsletter)
	(c)	WRVS. Application for grant to be considered at next meeting.
	(d)	Torridge District Council have reinstated the black bags for the refuse, there removal will be reviewed 
		Again at a later date, and will be discussed at Torrington Area Advisory Group meeting.
	(e)	Portman building Society are merging with Nationwide,
	(f)	To contact the Portman on deducting of income tax from the Parish council's account.

	No more business the meeting closed at 9-15pm,
	Next meeting of the Parish council is to be held in the Baxter Hall on 21"November 2006 at 8pm 
	Precept meeting.

Copies to all Cllrs, Devon County Cllr J Rawlinson, District Cllr P Collins, Mr M Wright Web-site.

H R Harris Clerk 
25th September 2006.


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