Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes September 2005

                                   Petrockstowe Parish Council

                    Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall
                             on Tuesday . 20th September 2005 at 8pm

Councillors present: P.Vogel, G Thatcher. A Hunkin, R Watts W Luxton,S 
Cottle, S Johnston. District Clir P Collins, Clerk Members of the public: 6

41	Apologies of Absence: From County Councillor J Rawlinson.

42	Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on Julyl9th and 23rd August 2005 
	having been previously circulated were signed has a correct record subject to 
	Minute 20 (b) Should read Cllr S Johnston and Cllr S Cottle are the 
	representatives on the recreation ground committee not that Clir S Johnston 
	had been omitted from committee

43	Matters Arising.
	Cllr Hunkin asked if any reply has been received from L Smith regarding 
	parish minutes, clerk reported that no reply had been received.
	Chairman asked the members of the public how they felt about the stones 
	that have been placed at each end of the electricity transformer by the 
	roadside serving the Millwood homes site.
	And were they satisfied. Members still feel that the transformer is in the 
	wrong place, and should be made more safe, there have been complaints 
	about the humming noise that is constantly coming from the transformer. 
	Clerk to write on there behalf to the Western Power.
	Planning meeting 23rd August Mr P Woods asked why other things where 
	discussed at planning meeting when it was advertised as planning, Cllr 
	Johnston said that any thing could be discussed at any council meeting. They 
	were discussed in any other business.
44	Councillors Reports.
	(a-- DAPC. Cllr Johnston had nothing to report due to no meeting.
	(b	TAC. Cllr Vogel had nothing to report as the last meeting was cancelled 
	due to lack of business next meeting Nov 8th05.	
	(c	R.Ground. Cllr Cottle reported that the funday was successful, although 
	the weather didn't help, No final total made yet, 	Next event will be the 
	mouse racing on Oct I 't in the Baxter Hall when the proceeds will be shared 
	with the Air ambulance
	Baxter Hall. Cllr Luxton reported on the annual general meeting held on	the 
	19tn September, he thanked the Parish council chairman for attending the 
	Baxter Hall Cllr Luxton said it was discussed, that the council should be 
	asked if they would take over the insuring and the inspection payment of the 
	play area, the chairman had asked for the play area to  included on
	the agenda as he had received a letter from Mr T J James treasurer of the 
	Baxter Hall, Mr James thanked the council for grants received, with this 
	grant the fund for the play area stands at 208-00. In October the insurance 
	for the play area is due estimated to be around 250-00, in March 06 the 
	ROSPA inspection is due, this year costing 69-33.You will therefore 
	appreciate that before we consider any repairs to equipment etc there are 
	insufficient funds in the dedicated reserve for the play area which will mean 
	closer of the play area unless further	funds become available. Clerk to contact
	 Mr James and to contact (Zurich Municipal) Community first to get a 
	quote. It had been suggested that the council include play area with the 
	recreation ground insurance.
	Cllr Collins didn't think that T D C would take over the running of the 
	Play area. Cllr Thatcher proposed we take on the play area
	Cllr Johnston proposed that there is a survey done on the play Area, 
	no seconders

45	Planning Applications.
	(a) Planning applications received from Mr Mrs R Kelsey
	No 1/1072/OS/Cou. Location Hallwood Farm Petrockstowe Okehampton 
	Proposal: Barn conversion to Holiday unit.
	Cllrs all in favour and strongly recommend to be approved. 
	(b) Mr Mrs V J Coughlin No l/0205/OS/LBC Location 
	Hall Court Petrockstowe Okehampton Devon Proposal: 
	Changes to windows and doors. All in favour no objections.

46 	Correspondence.
	(a) Readers file circulated. 
	(b) DAPC new look web site circulated 
	(c) Volunteer centre letter read and filed 
	(d) Police authority meeting at Tavistock on 27th September2005 
	(e) Letter from citizen advice read and filed.
	(f) Torridge District Council invite to meeting at Clinton Hall Merton.on 
	Nov 3rd 2005 at 6-OOpm
	(g) Mobile lengthsmen in the village 16th 17th Feb 06 and 4th & 5th Nov 05
	(h) The Varleys Bridge repairs have been completed
	(i) No Representative has been found for the North Devon Journal

Next Meeting 15th November 2005 Precept for 2005/2006

Copies to all Cllrs & Mr M Wright

H Harris Clerk


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