Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes October 2005

                                   Petrockstowe Parish Council

                    A Parish Council meeting was held in the Baxter Hall on
                                       October 12th at 8pm

Present Cllrs P Vogel R Watts G Thatcher S Cottle S Johnston A Hunkin

Apologies From W Luxton.

47	The meeting was called to discuss the clerks salary for the next
	financial year, beginning April 2006. It was agreed that the 
	salary should be increased by 3% and the clerk should take up
	opportunities for training.

48	The chairman mentioned a letter he had received from the 
	treasurer of the Baxter Hall Committee regarding the insurance 
	of the play area. The chairman indicated that he would be calling 
	a Parish meeting to give the Parishioners the chance to discuss 
	the future of the play area.

To all Councillors

H R Harris.
Copy of the minute received from Chairman 


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