Petrockstowe Parish Council Planning Minutes October 2004

                  Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the planning meeting held in the Baxter Hall on 13th October 2004 at 8pm.

Present: Cllrs P Vogel G Thatcher S Cottle S Johnston W Luxton A Hunkin clerk 

Members public: 1

42.1    Apologies of Absence: Cllr R Watts County Cllr J Rawlinson 
        District Cllr P Collins
        Planning Applications.

43.1    Planning applications received from Mr Mrs Coughlin Hall Court
        Petrockstowe OkehamptonNo's 1/1770/2004/COU& 1/1786/2004/LBC.
        Conversion of redundant barns to holiday accomodation. 
        No Objections from council, proposed by W Luxton
        Seconded by G Thatcher.all agreed.

43.2    Chairman has had no reply re site meeting at Townlands site It was resolved
        that the clerk should write again to TDC asking for a site meeting at the
        Townlands site to discuss the application for Kiosk and pumping station with
        access to the new road.
        It was brought to the councils attention that there could now be an
        alternative to the pumping station, taking the sewage direct to sewer.

        Other business

44.1    Chairman reported that a Mr Heath from TDC is willing to come to our January
        Meeting to talk to the public, meeting to start at 7-3Opm

44.2    Clerk reported that she had received back the Annual Audit form accounts all in
        order. No comments on form.
        No more business meeting closed 8-35pm.
        Copies to all Cllrs. 

        H R Harris clerk


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