Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

                         Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall at 8pm 
                          On 15th November 2005

Councillors Present: Chairman P Vogel G Thatcher A Hunkin S Cottle S Johnston 
                W Luxton clerk. Members of the public 9

47	Apologies of absence. Received from Cllrs R Watts P Collins J Rawlinson.

48	Minutes. Minutes of 20th September O5 and special meeting 12th October O5 
	Previously circulated were signed as a correct record subject to Minute 43(a) 
	Reading Cllr Luxton not Cllr Hunkin asked if any reply had been received
	re parish minutes. And 43(b) to amend the Chairman said anything could be 
	discussed at planning meetings not Cllr Johnston.

49	Matters arising Clerk reported that no reply had not been received from 
	Western power re the transformer, To write to DCC re potholes and the roads at 
	Brandise Hill, R Horwood asked if it could be reported that their are
	overhanging bushes around the street lights keeping the lights from shining on 
	the roads.	
	Playarea Insurance a village meeting was held on 12th November to find out if 
	the playarea was needed. 15 members where present 6 letters were received to 
	keep the playarea. It was decided to put it to the Parish Council meeting. On the 
	15th November. The attendance was poor owing to it being the Carnival at 
	Hatherliegh. A lot of apologies were received.

50	Financial Matters
	(a) The letter dated 4th August from Baxter Hall, re play area had been 
	circulated to Councillors. Cllr Johnston said that we should find out the 
	running costs of play area before committing ourselves. Cllr Cottle was 
	under the impression that the B H wanting the council to take over the 
	insurance not the whole play area. Cllr Johnston said that we should only be 
	discussing what was in the letter. Cllr Hunkin could not speak as he is on 
	B Hall committee. Cllr Cottle proposed that we payed the 98-09 quoted 
	for the next six months until 31 st May and pay for the inspection, sec by 
	Cllr Thatcher, amendment by Cllr Johnston that we order the inspection not 
	the B Hall to claim the vat, all agreed. It was then decided to pay the 98-09 
	to the B Hall as the insurance is due. The Play area was originally erected 
	for the pre-school when it used the hall, They have now moved to Merton.
	(b) Clerks wages and expenses of 333-13 proposed by Cllr Thatcher sec by 
	Cllr Hunkin all agreed Cheques Signed by Cllr Cottle & W Luxton.
	(c) To pay the Baxter Hall insurance of 98-09 Cheque Signed by Cllrs Luxton 
	(d) To pay the a/c of 140-00 to the audit commission after querying the cost 
	of the a/c. all agreed
51 	Precept
	(a) It was decided after much discussion over the estimates, to set the precept of 
	2500-00 for 2006-2007. DAPC subscription of 60 to be deducted from April 
	precept. The special meeting on 12th October decided that the clerk should have 
	3% rise from next financial year 2006
	(b) 15-00 to the Pre-school Merton
	(c) 15-00 to Friends of Clinton School Merton. 
	(d)  10-00 to CAB
	(e) 200-00 To the Baxter Hall
	(f) 200-00 To PCC & Churchyard fund Petrockstowe 
	Proposed by G Thatcher seconded by W Luxton. All agreed.

52	Councillors Reports,
	(a) DAPC Cllr S Johnston I understand that we have at last got the parish 
	minutes sorted out, But he hadn't had it confirmed, clerk let him see the 
	copy of the letter she had received from L Smith, Most of the meeting was 
	taken up with the election of officers etc.
	(b) TAC Cllr Vogel The Charging of elections'was discussed, Clerk to write to 
	TDC re the charging for elections to find out how much we will be 
	expected to pay. Cllr Johnston proposed that we start saving for these
	elections. Cllr Vogel brought it up that he had passed through another 
	village and saw that they had brown bags for cardboard, could we have 
	them, clerk to contact TDC. The Chief Executive to attend next meeting on 
	4th Feb 2006.
	(c) Baxter Hall Cllr Luxton The bingo sessions have resumed, Film Show a 
	Success, some members would like to resume the art club.
	(d) Recreation Ground Cllr Cottle The Bonfire had to be cancelled due to the 
	weather conditions, hopefully to be re scheduled in December will be 
	confirmed at meeting on 18th November.

53 	Plannings
	Planning application consent for Mr & Mrs V Coughlin No 1/0205/2005/LBC. 
	Changes to windows and doors Hall Court Petrockstowe.
	Mr Hellyar Town Farm Cottage Petrockstowe No 1/0497/2005/COU. Change 
	of use of land by Baxter Hall, and newly formed entrance and shed.
	Canada Farm Wood The owner has stated that the caravan will be removed at 
	the end of the season We are currently in the process of getting him to confirm 
	exactly when this will be, failure to comply with this request is likely to result 
	in the authority pursuing enforcement action. E-mail from enforcement officer. 
	Caravan in pub car park, This is being monitored, This complaint was not 
	logged by the parish council.

54	Correspondence.
	(a) Readers file previously circulated.
	(b) It was brought to councils attention that the War Memorial needs cleaning 
	Cllr A Hunkin said that he would attend to it.
	(c) Cllrs and clerks training sessions,
	(d) Domestic Violence Week 21st-26th November 2005 (placed on board) 
	(e) Cllr Thatcher asked for some bags of salt to be ordered.

	At end of meeting it was brought up that the buildings had been demolished at 
	Hall Court, it was thought that on the planning application, they were being 
	converted, Clerk will contact the planning office.

	No more business meeting closed at 9-45pm.

	Copies to all Cllrs, County Cllr J Rawlinson. District Cllr P Collins 
	Mr M Wright Web-site

	H R Harris

	Clerk to council.


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