Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes November 2004

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 16th November 2004.
                           In the Baxter Hall at 8pm.

Cllrs Present: P Vogel G Thatcher R Watts A Hunkin S Johnston S Cottle 
               W Luxton County Councillor J Rawlinson H R Harris (Clerk). 
               Members of the public 6.

47.0    Apologies of absence from District Councillor P Collins.

48.0	Minutes of the 21st September & Planning meetings on
        13th October & 3rd November 2004. Having been previously 
        circulated were signed subject to following amendment.

48.1	34.2 Delete the word sufficent.

48.2    Matters Arising 34.1 Cllr Johnston was asked to bring up when 
	the Parish minutes should be read at the annual DAPC meeting An 
	opportunity did not arise for him to do so at the meeting, He has 
	e-mailed Lesley Smith and asked her to include it on the next agenda 
	of the DAPC meeting, she has replied to say that it will be included, 
	next meeting is on 6-12-04.
48.3	Mr R Horwood brought up about the state of the road by the
	Millwood Homes site has nothing has been done and it is getting 
	worst, Cllr Rawlinson said that he would look into this, as he had 
	Driven on the road to come to the meeting, and realised the road 
	was in a bad state. The clerk to write also. 
	Cllr Johnston asked if we had a reply concerning the garage 
	conversion at 4 Oaklands, clerk reported that she had written but 
	had not had a reply.

49.0	Public Session,
	P Buchanan asked if it would be possible to have a few copies of 
	The agenda so that the public could follow the meeting. 
	The chairman put it to the meeting that Mr R Heath Acting 
	Chief Executive TDC would attend the meeting in January 2005. 
	To to write and confirm early in the new year, that he will attend, and 
	speak, also to answer any questions that he can, meeting to Start at 
	7-30. Parish Council to follow, at 8pm. Clerk to write and confirm in 
	the new year. All agreed.

50.0    Councillors Reports.

50.1	DAPC Cllr S Johnston reported on the AGM he attended for the 
	council. Meeting was well attended President of DAPC reported 
	that she had been active in her area and was glad to see that councils 
	were working together, Main speaker M Winter spoke on the future 
	of areas in the S.W. There were great discussions on the subscription 
	for the next year, it was decided to increase the subs by 5% to 
	58. The Workshop that 	Cllr Johnston told a lot about yellow lines, 
	Outside the hall of the meeting was the Devon in Touch bus which 
	you could attend. Cllr Johnston proposed that we contact the Devon 
	in Touch and ask the bus to visit our village at some point. They 
	Would need access to a phone line.

50.2	Recreation Ground Cllr S Cottle reported that the Mouse race was 
	A success over 500 was made with a Cheque for 300 being 
	presented to the Devon Air ambulance, the rest in the R G a/c 
	The cricket pitch wicket has been re-loamed and reseeded ready 
	For next season. The firework display was a success making over 
	The council's continued support goes to the committee of the field.
50.3	TAC. Cllr Vogel attended this meeting he brought up about the 
	insurance for over 75's it will be discussed at the next meeting 
	Great discussions about the Bio Mass at Winkliegh. No more 
	Matching grants. Next meeting at Torrington Comprehensive on 
	22nd January 2005.
50.4	Baxter Hall Cllr W Luxton A Christmas bingo to be held on
	26th November monies to be divided between a local charity and the 
	hall. Film show on the 30th November. Girl with a pearl ear ring. 
	Dance on the 13th was well supported. Cllr Luxton asked the if 
	The secretary of the hall could explain what she knew about the new 
	licensing laws when a bar is needed, and how the village events could 
	be affected.
	Mrs woods said that she would try and find out how it could affect 
	Recreation Ground events.

51.0	Planning Matters
51.2	Mr G Mitchell at 1 Springfield application to build has been refused 
	Again. Clerk to write to voice our concerns on the refusal.

52,0    Financial Matters.
	Estimate sheet previously circulated for 2005-2006.
52.1	Cllr Johnston wanted to know why the 400 that was not paid to 
	the B Hall was not put in a reserve a/c. Clerk to find out where 
	the best interest is paid and to present to the next meeting.
52.2	The annual precept was discussed and was set for 2005-2006 at 
	2000. Proposed by Cllr Luxton seconded by Cllr R Watts. 
	As no matching grants are paid the Council will give a grant of
52.3	200 to the Baxter Hall and the Church Yard Fund 
	80 towards the play area insurance.
	15 to the Rainbow Preschool and the Friends of the Clinton School. 
	10 to the CAB.
52.4	Payment of the auditors account of 58-75.proposed by Cllr Luxton 
	And Cllr S Johnston Cheque No 000037. 
	Cheque Signed by Cllr S Cottle & Cllr R Watts.
52.5	Cllr S Johnston proposed that the clerks wages should be reviewed 
	Annually and not by mutual agreement by the chairman and the clerk, 
	Cllr Luxton proposed that if this was agreeable with the clerk 
	He did not see that it mattered.

53.0	Correspondence.
53.1	(1) Reading File circulated,
	(2) Letter read from DCC in reply to our letter copies to M P 
	On the roads into Petrockstowe Cllr Rawlinson said that all that was 
	in the letters was the position no more money for the roads until the 
	new financial year in April, The only good point he could say was 
	that they where hoping to have two hot boxes next year, does that 
	mean that they will run out of money even earlier. But we must keep 
	up the pressure. Always report any water standing in the roads.
	(3) Cllr Rawlinson also reported on the closure of Imerys on 17th 
	December 04. He will keep us informed on any future of the site.
	(3) T D C Naming of the Townlands site they would like our 
	opinion on the naming of the site council have no objections on the 
	(4) Letter read on entertainments licence for Hall, copy placed on 
	notice board. Nobody at meeting had any objections.
	(5) Chairman has had a complaint about dog fouling to contact dog
	No more business meeting closed at 9-20pm. Copies to all Cllrs
        Copies to all Cllrs. 

        H R Harris clerk


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