Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual General meeting held in the Baxter Hall
On Tuesday 20th May 2008 at 8pm

Councillors present: P Vogel (chairman) I Fisher (vice) J Harris, D Kelsey, A Hunkin, 
W Luxton, C Hansen, District Councillor P Collins Clerk, 23 members of the public.

12     Apologies: were received from DCC Cllr J Rawlinson Melisa Baker PCSO,
       Mr M Wright Mr R Deane.

!3     Broadband: Three representatives Mr P Garland, Mr M Dunn and Mr B Challacombe
       from BT Openreach spoke about how they can help  to get most of the village,
       connected to Broadband. At the moment  properties  from Berry Cross onwards are
       unlikely, to be unable to be connected, but they must keep trying, as things can alter.
       They had the list of names that the clerk, had sent to them,they had worked on that with
       telephone numbers to see where the real problem areas are. They also took away
       details, of those present, with a view to enabling broadband throughout the village,  
       as soon as possible. It was a very informative meeting.  
       Councillors were pleased to see so many parishioners attending the  meeting, where
       they could ask our visitors any questions,  different problem are occurring. in 
       different areas. We were all very hopeful that something will be done; it is up to
       individuals to keep trying different providers. There will be engineers working in
       the village, to sort out problem areas as soon. as possible.
       Pat Garland from BT Open reach will let clerk know of any future developments..

14     Minutes : the minutes of the 20th March and 15th April 2008 having been previously
       circulated were approved and signed as a correct record (all agreed.)

15     Matters Arising.: 
        a)  Mr Diemert has had a look at the Acer tree at the War Memorial suggested that the
            pruning of the tree is left until the autumn (all in favour).
        b)  Parish plan questionare has been finalised, a meeting was organised ton the 
            23rd May  to continue on the next step
        c)  further to Cllr Vogel representing our area on the Devon Association For Parish
            Councils, he said that he would if our council paid his travelling, on attending 
            the meeting his travelling expenses was paid by DAPC.

16     Councillors Reports.
        a)  Baxter Hall  Cllr W Luxton The Hall have been advised to apply for the third time
            for a grant to refurbish the old school area of the car park.
        b)  Play area: Cllr J Harris reported that the ROSpa report has been received and paid
            for by the  play area, there will be Cowboys and Indians on the Recreation Ground
            Thursday 29th   May at 10  12pm all welcome. They are having a table at the school
            fete to sell goods.
            13th September A jumble sale. Any left over jumble to be put into the Bags for schools
            that the Clinton school organise. The annual Christmas party on 6th December.2008.
	c)  Recreation Ground Cllr I Fisher the shed doors are still not fixed according to Lawson 
	    the inflation of timber has bee holding this up, The window in the ladies toilet 
            has now been fixed.
	    It was agreed that S Packer would be responsible for the bar at Recreation ground for 
	    this year. A new gas barbecue has been purchased, to be paid for out of DCC Cllr 
	    J Rawlinsons fund. Chairman raised the letter that had been received from Recreation 
	    ground re Cllr Hansen not attending meetings this is owing to his job, it is the 
	    responsibility of the council not 	the Recreation Ground.
	d)  Recycling. Cllr Hansen has received an email from Ricky McCormack at Torridge
	    Petrockstowe are to be included in the Card board etc recycling and will be started 
	    in June or July. He has also found an outlet for milk bottle tops please let him have 
	    at 10 Townland Rise any time. Thank you
	e)  District Cllr P Collins .was warning people of who you answer your door too, if at all 
	    suspicious, of anyone, please contact police immediately. Torridge are having a 
	    C P A inspection (something like offsted), also that TDC have a 30-000 grant fund that 
	    can be obtained by match funding in the ward., more details to come.
	    There is some talk about combining TAC meetings with the MCTA meeting in future
            Proposed closure of local post offices at Shebbear and Meeth devastation for our
            neighbouring villages. Unitary meeting on 28th May at Bideford

17     Financial Matters The Councils accounts for the year 2007-2008 are completed and
       agreed prior to internal auditing, Mr T James has agreed to complete the internal audit
       this year, as Mr J Priestley is unwell, our council wished him a speed recovery

18     Election of Officers.
       Cllr W Luxton proposed that Cllr Vogel should stay as Chairman. with  Cllr I Fisher
       as Vice Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr C Hansen all in favour. Baxter Hall 
       Cllr J Harris proposed Cllr W Luxton seconded by Cllr A Hunkin all in favour.
       Recreation ground Cllrs Hansen Fisher and Vogel 
       Play area Cllrs Harris Hansen and Vogel  All in favour
       TAC and DAPC Cllr P Vogel all in favour.

19     Public Session
       F. Lowe Rose Farm asked if the council could do anything about a youth club in the
       village. P Vogel said if there is enough interest he would be willing to meet with them
       to see if anything could be arranged.

20     Readers file circulated

       No more business meeting closed at 9-50pm
       Next meeting  will  be July 15th 2008 in the Baxter hall at 8pm.

Chairman............................................................July 15th 2008............. 



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