Minutes of the Petrockstowe Annual General Council meeting held on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at 8pm in the Baxter Hall.


Councillors present P Vogel (chairman) Mrs I Fisher (vice Chairman) Mrs J Harris,

A Hunkin, W Luxton, D Kelsey, C Hanson, Mrs H Harris Clerk.

7 members public.



5        Election of Officers Nominations for Chairman, Cllr I Fisher proposed Cllr P Vogel

seconded Cllr Luxton. No other nominations were received. All agreed Cllr Vogel accepted the office of Chairman. Cllr Hunkin proposed Cllr Fisher as vice chair seconded by Cllr Luxton. No other nomination were received, all agreed. Cllr Fisher accepted the office of vice chair.


6        Apologies of absence. Apologies were received from District Councillor P Collins as

            he was attending another meeting, hoped to attend later. County Councillor

            J Rawlinson.


7        Co-option of Councillor  A seventh Councillor to be co-opted to the council. Two

Applications received from Mrs S Bayliss. Petrockstowe. Mr D Kelsey Petrockstowe.

Nominations papers distributed. Cllrs voted 5/1 in favour of Mr D Kelsey. He agreed to accept the office of councillor. Cllr Luxton thanked Mrs Bayliss for applying and hoped she would help with the suggested Parish plan.


8        Minutes the minutes of 20th March 2007. Having been previously circulated were

      approved and signed as a correct record.


9    Representatives to Baxter Hall committee from Parish Council

      Baxter Hall Cllr W Luxton was proposed by I Fisher seconded D Kelsey. All agreed

      Recreation Ground. The Chairman, Cllr Fisher, Cllr C Hanson were proposed by

      Cllr Luxton Seconded by Cllr Hunkin all agreed.

      Play area. Chairman proposed Cllr J Harris and Cllr C Hanson seconded by

      Cllr Luxton All agreed. Clerk to contact secretary of Recreation Ground re constitution

      for Play area.

      Torridge Advisory Group Cllr Vogel proposed by Cllr Kelsey seconded by Cllr

      Luxton all agreed.


10     Acer Tree the tree preservation order from Torridge District Council has been

       received for the Acer tree at the War Memorial site. There was a suggestion to mark

       the branches that need to be pruned in winter months. It was decided to arrange

       a site meeting with Torridge District Council to discuss the tree and its future.

      Clerk will contact TDC to arrange a meeting, as tree looks larger now it is in full leaf.


11     Street Lighting the street lights were discussed at the Parish meeting, Chairman to

       discuss with Cllr J Rawlinson as to the possibility of switching off every other light.


12     School Transport No further information has been received from J Rawlinson.


13   Roads. Dates for road closures for the cleaning of water pipes have been circulated

       placed on notice boards. Lenghthsmen were to be in the village recently.



Minutes 15th May continued


14     PUBLIC SESSION. Acer tree future was discussed further.

      You may log on to a web site Neighbourhoodfixit.com to report any faults repairs to

       roads, or anything that needs reporting.

Send list to J Rawlinson about road repairs.

Carolyn Jones, asked if she had, had any response on the parish plan said that they had a few enquiries. Put out a questionnaire to people that had shown an interest. Place on agenda next meeting. Roads need attention from quarry hill onwards. Survey for Affordable housing


15    Councillors reports.

a.       Cllr Vogel Torrington Advisory Group no meetings have been held.

b.      Cllr Luxton. Baxter Hall they have had a Lady visitor from the lottery fund to check on how the grants have been used, very satisfied with the hall, suggested that they apply for grant for car park, lots of paper work to be done. Thanked all who had helped with the clean up of the Hall.

c.       Cllr Fisher. No meeting has been held.

d.      Cllr Harris. Play area a coffee morning was held at 10 Town land Rise a bit disappointing, some funds were made. A Pirates day to be held on May 30th at The Recreation Ground 10-12am all welcome. Cllr Hanson is going to run in the Ruby run Hatherliegh to Holsworthy for play area funds

      Cllr Rawlinson has promised some funds to provide ground cover for play



16    Financial Matters.

a.       New Signatories clerk to be included as a signatory proposed by Cllr Hunkin

Signatories Clls Hunkin Cllrs Vogel Cllr Luxton. Proposed by Cllr Kelsey

all agreed

b.      Payment approved for Community First Insurance for council & play area

£398-26 Cheque No 80 Signed by Cllrs Luxton & Vogel.all agreed

      (c ) Payment approved  for Play area lease to Bazeley Barnes & Bazeley Solicitors 

             £470-00 Cheque No 81 Signed by Cllrs Luxton & Vogel. all agreed

      (d) Audit form to be completed by clerk & council for the internal auditors

            inspection, of the accounts from 1st April 2006 to 31st March 2007.


                  Next meeting to be held on 17th July 2007.



 No more business meeting closed at 9-05pm.