Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes May 2005

                       PETROCKSTOWE PARISH COUNCIL

       Minutes of the planning meeting held in the Baxter Hall on 
                       Wednesday 4th May at 8pm

Councillors Present : P Vogel A Hunkin G Thatcher S Cottle clerk

13	Apologies of absence from Cllr S Johnston R Watts & W Luxton

!4	Planning applications received from:
	(a)	No l/0426/2005/FUL : From Mrs P Dore Tumbledown 
		Petrockstow Demolish old sheds and replace with new 
		dwelling. No Objections all agreed.
        (b)	No. 1/0433/05/LBC: From Mr Mrs Heiestercamp
		Butstone Farm Petrockstow Proposal: New windows and new
		roof. No objections providing it complies to the listing of the 
		building. All agreed.
        (c)	No 1/0802/OS/FUL : Mr D Crocker beeches Yarnscombe 
        	Land at Sunnyside Petrockstow New Bungalow all agreed 
         	But think site is a bit small. Cllr S Cottle and clerk declared 
         	an interest.
14	  	Any other business Chairman read a letter from Mr R Kelsey 
		Inviting Council down to Hallwoods Farm to see what they 
		are doing down on the farm. As all councillors were not 
		present it was decided to put it on the agenda for the next 
		meeting to decide on a date.
15		Clerk said that she had not heard anything more about the 
                grant money from the Torridge district council to write again. 
                No more business meeting closed at 8-15

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