Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of Petrockstowe Parish Council Planning Meeting held in 
		   the Baxter Hall on Tuesday 30th May at 8am

Councillors present : G Thatcher P Vogel S Cottle A Hunkin 
R Watts.clerk No members of the public present.

21	Apologies of absence received from Cllr S Johnston, 
	Cllr W Luxton.

22	Planning: Application received from Mr C Hancock 
	Location Orchard House Petrockstowe Okehampton Devon 
	EX20 3HJ. Proposal: Extension to front of house, porch to rear 
	of house, change position of garage. No.1/0998/2006/FUL. 
	5 Cllrs present had no objections to the planning application.

23 	Financial
	(a) Payment of  1 was approved: To Mr J Burnett for the 
	    Recreation Ground lease. Cheque No 00059 signed by 
	    Cllrs R Watts & S Cottle all agreed.
	(b) To Mr J Preistley for Internal audit a/c of 15-OO.Cheque 
	    No 00060 signed by Cllrs S Cottle & R Watts. All agreed.

24 Correspondence.
	(a) DCC letter re school buses send a copy to J Rawlinson 
	    Agenda in July
	(b) Letter from G Cox MP re generator serving Townland Rise. 
	    Make an appointment for on site meeting with western power. 
	   Clerk to contact Mrs R Woods & D.Kelsey re reports of 
	Councillors expressed their condolences to Cllr S Johnston on 
	The death of his father
	No more business meeting closed at 8-25pm.

	Copies to all Councillors DCC Cllr J Rawlinson 
	District Cllr P Collins Mr M Wright web-site

	H R Harris clerk 
	31st May 2006.


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