Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes March 2005

                        PETROCKSTOWE PARISH COUNCIL

        Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall on 
                            Tuesday 15th March 2005 at 8pm

Councillors present: P Vogel A Hunkin R Watts S Johnston G Thatcher 
                                  S Cottle W Luxton clerk.

Members of the public present 14.

66.0	Apologies from J Rawlinson and P Collins.

67.0	Minutes of the 18th January and 15th February 2005 having 
        been previously circulated were approved subject to the word 
        date being added to the end of 60.1 and the word insurance 
        being added after Fremington, in 60.1 In 64.0 after already 
        approved, add because this is what is stated in the standing 

68.0	Matters arising from minutes
68.1	 Cllr Luxton asked if we had had a reply from Mr R Heath 
	Chief executive TDC about his proposed visit in
	January and his invitation to attend our current meeting 
	Or the parish meeting in April the clerk has not had a 
	reply from him about any of the meetings, he suggested that we 
	write again and also invite Mr A Seaman from planning to the 
	meeting also. The chairman expressed that he had raised the 
	subject at the TAC meeting, about TDC not replying to letters 
	The secretary said that she would look into it on our behalf. 
	Cllr Johnston said that we should also express our concerns to 
	the council.
68.2	Cllr Hunkin would like to see the parish outing in August carry 
        On ,he suggested that Mr R Gooding, to be asked to organise 
69.1	Mrs J Skinner asked who puts up the signs to clear up after your 
        dog as one had been placed on the Baxter hall rubbish litter
	bin.Chairman said the dog warden should be asked to remove it 
        to enquire about a red bin who supplies them.
69.2	Mr R Horwood is concerned about the transformer outside the 
	Millwood homes site by 	the side of the main village road, is it 
        going to be fenced around, looks a bit dangerous with children 
	playing in the village.

69.3	Some concerns about people moving a caravan, in on the 
        Canada woods site clerk is waiting for a reply from TDC. 
69.4	Chairman to write personally concerning Mr Coughlins planning 
        At Hall Park Petrockstowe.
69.5	Contact Devon in touch about visit in the village on the 15th 
        April, contact and Chris & Tracey Hancock about using 
        Telephone connection and Mr T Gordon about the removal 
	Of the overhead barrier at the hall.

70.0	Councillors Reports.
70.1	DAPC Cllr Johnston It was raised that the parish meeting 
 	minutes should be submitted for approval at the following years 
	meeting. We still have had nothing in writing. Insurance for over 
	Seventies will be covered with a Dr,s certificate to prove they 
	are fit. Still concern on travellers.
70.2	Baxter Hall nothing to report
70.3	Recreation Ground It was proposed at the meeting of the 
	recreation ground, that the parish council should be asked 
	To pay the a/c for the installation of the electric to the recreation 
	Field, a donation to be given to the council to cover costs, 
	council to reclaim the vat, as they hold the lease for the field. 
	Amount being 1098-70. Proposed that we should pay the a/c 
	Cllr Johnston Seconded by G Thatcher. Cllr all agreed.
	A/c to be made to the parish council. Cheque No 34.
	R G Holding a Easter egg hunt on Easter Saturday Tidying at 
	The field on 3rd April. Annual AGM on 13th May in Baxter Hall 
	All welcome
70.4	TAC. Main of the meeting was on affordable Housing in the 
	area. Parish plan on Dolton is available any one interested. 
	Chairman voiced his and our concerns on the lack of 
	communication with TDC.
70.5	G Thatcher proposed that we have a Parish plan Chairman is 
	open to any suggestions. To be put on the agenda parish meeting 
	Cllr Johnston will put to DAFC if they can offer any help as 
	Parish plans can be expensive and a large commitment. 
	Affordable housing is badly needed in all areas. 
71.0	Financial Matters.
71.1	To approve payment to the Baxter Hall for hiring of the hall 
	Amount 46.00 cheque no 32 proposed by Cllr Johnston 
	seconded by Cllr Thatcher.

71.2	Approve payment of DPFA 15-OO.Proposed by Cllr Luxton 	
	Seconded by Cllr Watts. Cheque No. 33
71.3	Approve payment clerks wages and expenses 326-87.cheque 31 
	Proposed by Cllr Thatcher seconded by Cllr Johnston. All agreed 
72.0	Planning
73.0	The query to the extension at 4 Oakland Petrockstowe is 
	permitted, and the gate way by the Hall is being looked into 
	But will probably have the inspectors approval.
74.0	Cllr Thatcher queried a pipe protruding from the hedge down          
	The new road by Millwood homes site, this pipe has been there        
	for years and originally used to have a trough at the end of it,
	Drainage for the fields above. 
75.0 	Correspondence
75.1	(a) Readers circulated
	(b) Worlds largest tea party passed to W I.
	   Liquor Licence letter read and placed in readers file 
	(d) Letter read re Beaford Arts clerk had written.
	(e) Letter re internal audit have our own placed on file 
	(f) Ring and ride placed on notice board
	(g) Torrington Library dates passed around 
	(h) Refuse collections on notice boards
	(i) Roadford Times on notice board
	(j) Standard boards letter read placed on file 
	(k) War Memorial a/c paid grants applied for. 
	(1) Verbal complaint about the bush pertruding by the road at 
            the Angles Petrockstowe, Clerk said that she had spoken to 
            Mr Rennles was't to pleased about the complaint, clerk was
            asked to do this by chairman, Mr Rennles said that he would 
            attend the meeting the following week. clerk to contact the 
            Highways on the matter.

        No more business meeting closed at 9-10pm

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