Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

             Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the planning meeting held on 7-6-2006 in the 
                   Baxter Hall at 8pm.

Clls Present G Thatcher P Vogel S Cottle A Hunkin clerk no members of public.

25	Apologies: Apologies received from Cllrs W Luxton & R Watts. 
	Cllr S Johnston on holiday.

26	Planning. Planning application received from Mrs P Dore Location 
	Tumbledown Petrockstowe Okehampton Devon EX20 3QL 
	Proposal: Demolish Existing dwelling (nissen hut) and erection of new 
	single storey dwelling -revised plans.
	No/1/0863/2006/FUl All Cllrs present had no objections to plans

27	It was raised by the chairman that we have not heard anything from the 
	Baxter Hall regarding the lease for the play area, it was proposed by Cllr 
	P Vogel seconded by Cllr A Hunkin that we contact the secretary of the 
	Baxter Hall on what progress has been made on the lease. Further to the 
	Meeting on Monday 8th May 2006 at 7-30pm in the Baxter Hall of the 
	Committee and the Parish Council that they would obtain the cost to the 
	Parish Council of a Solicitor drawing up a lease for the rent of the Baxter 
	Hall Play Area at a pepper corn rent.

No more business meeting closed at 8-15pm

Copies to all Cllrs Mr M Wright Web-site.

H R Harris Clerk 
.8th June 2006


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