Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes June 2005


           Planning meeting on June 1st 2005 in the Baxter Hall at 8-15pm

Councillors present: P Vogel S Cottle A Hunkin.

24	Apologies: received from Cllrs W Luxton R Watts G Thatcher 
	Cllr S	Johnston on holiday.

25	Planning Application

	Planning application received from Mr Mrs Shoebottom North 
	Barn Hook From Sheepwash N1/0808/05
	Proposal : Extension. No objections Cllrs present all agreed. 
26	Any other Business
	(a) Chairman had received a copy of a letter from Mr L Paine, 
	    Chapel Close that he has written to Mr A Seaman TDC re 
	    the Millwood homes site, parking, the roads and the 
	    transformer beside of the road and the verges (placed on 
	(b) Clerk reported that the account for installation of electric 
	    power point at the Recreation Ground has been paid 
	    (cheque signed by Cllrs R Watts & W Luxton) no 37.

No more business meeting closed at 8-25pm

Copies to all Cllrs   Mr M Wright web site

H R Harris clerk

4th June 2005.

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