Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the planning meeting held in the Baxter Hall at 8pm 
                  on Tuesday 27th June 2006.

Councillors present G Thatcher C Cottle W Luxton A Hunkin. 
Clerk 3 members of the public

28.	ApoloLies: Received from Cllrs S Johnston R Watts P Vogel.

29	Planning Planning application received from Mr R Brush 
	Location: Rose Cottage 2 Cott lane Petrockstowe Proposal: Retention of 2 
	bedroom unit of ancillary accommodation to serve main dwelling.
	The councillors present had some reservations on this application, wished 
	that it recorded that if Mr Brush moved it should be reinstated to the 
	original plans. Cllrs felt that it has been done the wrong way around as 
	Mr Edwards next door application was turned down.
	All Cllrs present agreed

30	(a) E-Mail from Baxter secretary stated that she is still waiting for all details 
	    regarding the lease for the playarea, and as soon as she has any definant 
	    news she will let us know, as the Ins doesn't run out until November.
	    A committee for the playarea is being formed.

	(b) No reply has been received from editor of the Petrockstowe News on 
	    Council reports in newsletter

31	A letter was read on Parish plans meeting in Okehampton no one interested.

32	Chairman proposed that a letter should be sent to the MA G Cox tha~king 
	him for all his help in getting the roads resurfaced and repaired.
	All Cllrs present agreed.

	No more business meeting closed at 8-20pm.

Copies to all: Cllrs, County Cllr J Rawlinson, District Cllr P Collins Mr M Wright 

H R Harris (clerk)

1st July 2006.


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