Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall on 15 July 2008 at 8pm

Councillors present P Vogel (chairman) I Fisher (vice Chairman), A Hunkin, J Harris 
     W Luxton, County Councillor J Rawlinson, District Councillor P Collins.
                  Clerk Mrs H Harris. 2 members of the public 

21		Apologies  apologies received from Cllrs D Kelsey and C Hansen 
        Melissa Baker PSCO.

22		Minutes.  the minutes of the 20th May 2008. Were approved and signed as a
        correct record. All agreed.

23		Matters arising.
		1) Broadband -It was proposed that we write to the B T representatives that 
		came to the last meeting to thank them for coming, and for all that has been 
		done since that meeting. Still waiting for any communication on their 
		findings as to the problems in the village.
		2) Parish Plan  the Parish plan has been completed and sent to the printers.  
        A presentation of the plan is to be held in the Baxter hall on the 19th July 2008.
        3) Youth Club  A meeting was held in the Baxter hall on the 11th July when
        Abby Durren came to speak to the 24+ children that attended. The children 
        have to complete forms to apply for grants, for transport etc to take them out 
        and about, another meeting is to be held in the Clinton Hall at Merton, where
        the children can have access to computers.
		4)	Street lighting was raised, clerk has heard nothing from Shane Bayley
		the engineer that came,was suggested that we contact Ian Harrison at County Hall.

24		Public Session _ Councillors have received complaints about the hedge 
		Opposite the churchyard, the protruding bush opposite the old rectory, and 
		the hedge at North town farm on the cross roads. It was proposed that we 
		write to Joe Deasey at Devon County Council, at County hall Exeter with 
		copies, to Highways and J Rawlinson. To include the junction at the Tarka 
		trail.. The removal of the barriers at the top of Tanyard hill, and the potholes 
		along the same stretch of road, especially by the bridge at Quarry hill farm
		To contact the enforcement officer at Torridge regarding the hedge, that has 
		not been replaced at the Rose Farm site.No 1/0789/02/47.
		The wheelie bins have now been delivered for cardboard etc collections. 

25      Councillors Reports
        a) D A P C Cllr Vogel - Devon Association of Parish Clerks a meeting to be
        held on the  21st July 2008.
        b) Recreation Ground - Cllr Fisher- Recreation ground annual General
        meeting was held on 26th June, P Vogel chaired the meeting in the absence of
        the chairman and vice chair. Cllr Kelsey was voted as a Chairman 
        Steve Packer as vice chair other committee members in block. A fun day has
        been arranged for the Bank  holiday weekend, to include its a knockout. Horse
        racing in Baxter hall on 25th October. The field shelter is to be completed by
        the end of September.
	    c) Play area  Cllr  Harris the committee are looking into purchasing new
	    equipment,Lord Clinton has offered more chippings for the ground cover
        Mick Browns grandchild had suggested the walls of play area could be painted
        with pictures. Not all the walls could be painted.

       Baxter Hall - Cllr Luxton  new smoke alarms to be fitted in in the hall                                   
       e) District Councillor P Collins was pleased with the response with the
       meeting for an area youth club. Hopes he will be able to help in some way
       with funding                
       He asked Cllr Rawlinson if there is to be a budget for resurfacing roads?
       From DCC  2008  2009.
       f) Devon County Councillor J Rawlinson presented  Cheques to the
       Recreation Ground for the purchase of a new Barbecue, to the Baxter Hall 
       1000 towards the new smoke alarms   
   .   The new boundarys are being discussed, nothing has been decided as yet Cllr
       Rawlinson agrees that Parish councils should have more powers
       Proposals are still being put forward  
       Suggested contacting Ally Boyd on the affordable housing surveys.
26     Financial Payments
       1) Precept payments paid to Baxter Hall 200 +1 rent Play area 
       Cheque No 112
       signed by P Vogel and clerk Churchyard fund 200 No 113 cheque signed by 
       Clllr Vogel and Clerk. C A B 10 cheque No 114  signed by Cllrs Luxton
       and P Vogel Ring and Ride 20 Cheque NO 117 P Vogel and clerk. 
       Pre-school 15 cheque no 110 Clinton School cheque no 111signed by clerk
       and Cllr Hunkin Internal audit 15 donated to play area Cheque No 109
       signed by  Vogel and clerk.
       2) 1 for lease of Recreation Ground to Lord Burnett Cheque No 116 signed
       by  Cllr Cllr Hunkin and clerk.
	   3)	Audit Commission 58-75 Cheque No 115 signed by Cllr Hunkin & clerk
	   4)	Clerks Salary Cheque No 119 signed by Cllrs Vogel & Hunkin.
	   5)	Payments  made from Parish plan grant to Petrockstowe news Mr M 
       Stephenson Laurels In Mrs I Fisher to date. Cheques Nos 107,108,120 
       121 &122 Signed by clerk Cllrs Hunkin and Vogel.   

27     Planning Applications  application received from Mr Mrs I Berry
       Little Butstone for replacing windows, clerk e-mailed Cllrs. no objections 
       were received. Clerk to continue contacting Cllrs with small planning

28     Any other business 
       1)  Readers file circulated
       2)  Letter received from Mr Morrish thanking councils for all their support

                Next meeting on September 16th 2008 at 8pm in Baxter Hall

Chairman..................................................Date  16  9  2008.

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