Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of Petrockstowe Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 
                17th July at 8pm in the Baxter Hall

Councillors present: P Vogel (chairman), I Fisher (vice), J Harris, C Hanson, A Hunkin
W Luxton, County Councillor J Rawlinson, Clerk. 9 members public.

1.Apologies of absence Apologies received from Cllr D Kelsey  District Councillor P Collins

2.Minutes: Minutes of the planning meeting held on 11th April & Annual General meeting
held on 15th April 2007. Having been previously circulated were approved and signed as a
correct record.

3.Parish Plans.the progress of the Parish plan was discussed, with a speaker from
Torridge District Council, Mrs Maria Bailey her post of development officer has been
created for help in the villages and will support us in any way. Carolyn Jones and
I Fisher. reported that they have gone as far as they can, and now applying for funding
from the Community Council of Devon

4..Acer Tree. Clerk reported that she had contacted Torridge District Council to arrange
a site visit with the tree expert at Torridge to be told that they do not have a tree
expert and suggested that we contact our own, at an expense to the Parish Council He
forwarded the forms to be completed by council before any work on tree can be done.
Parish Council will be responsible for any damage by the tree. 

5.Ashmoor. Mr Steve White from the Wildlife trust did not arrive at the meeting to
arrange for him to come in September

6.PUBLIC SESSION. The future of the Acer tree was raised by Mr M Brown as he had been
told that the Council were going to have it felled, that was why he asked Torridge to put
an Preservation order on it. Mrs Cottle had a friend that is a tree expert look at the
tree, he suggests that the branches that have reverted back to its original state are
marked for pruning in winter months. Mr Brown offered to do anything to preserve the
tree. Dick Brush raised the use of a bird scarer on the edge of the village,could we find
out the hours it is allowed?Mick Brown had reported the potholes at Tanyard Hill onwards,
was told that they would be repaired week beginning 16th September. 07?

7.Councillors Reports.

	1	Baxter Hall Cllr W Luxton Hall floor to be sanded down Flower Show 11 August,
		Anniversary's supper in September. Hoping to arrange a film for Children in
	2	Recreation Ground Cllr Fisher, AGM was held Cllr Vogel Proposed Cllrs Hanson
		& Fisher for committee Steve Packer was elected Chairman S Cottle Vice Chairman 
		J Harris Treasurer Ted Skeath Secretary. Mr M Brown in Charge of Golf.
	3	Play area Cllrs Harris & Hanson Pirates day was a great success 350-00 has 
		been received from DCC to put a membrane on floor of play area.C Hanson did the
		Ruby run from Hatherliegh to Holsworthy and raised 172 for funds.
	4	Torrington Advisory Group Cllr Vogel, reported no meetings had been held meeting
		arranged for next week

5) County Cllr J Rawlinson read an e-mail he had received re the School
transport, is willing to pursue this further, council to write as well. We should 
be hearing from the street lighting people with proposals on the saving of
lights. He also said that DCC have reduced staff at County hall.
DCC support 25 old peoples homes in there area, one being Woodland Vale at Torrington,
this will be supported for the next ten years. It is hoped that 
more people will be supported in there own homes. With a progress
called tally care. The Unitary bid for Exeter Council should be decided later
this month,if it comes unitary it will affect what happens in
TorridgeeTC. Chairman thanked J Rawlinson for coming. Great Torrington
Comprehensive are having more fundings to improve facilities are applying
for more classrooms.

24 Financial Payments. Payments that were approved from precept for payment

	1	Parochial Church Council & Graveyard fund 200-00. Cheque No 86 signed by Cllr
		Luxton & Clerk.
	2	Baxter Hall 201 included 1 for lease of Play area.Cheque No 85 Signed By Cllr
		Vogel & Clerk.
	3	Clinton School  20-00 Cheque No 84 Signed by Cll Luxton & Clerk.
	4	Rainbow Pre-school 15-00 Cheque No 83 Signed By Cllr Luxton & Clerk.
	5	Citizens Advice 10-00 Cheque No 87 Signed By Cllr Luxton & Clerk.
	6	Ring & Ride 20-00 Cheque No 92 signed by Cllr Luxton & Clerk
	7	Play area 50-00 Cheque No 88 signed by Cllr Luxton & Clerk
	8	Annual payment to Sir J Burnett of 1 For Recreation Ground Lease. Cheque No 91
		Signed by Cllr Luxton & Clerk
	9	Mr J Priestley Audit account 15-00 Cheque No 89 signed by Cllr Luxton Clerk.
	10	To approve payment for new councillors course to Cllr I Fisher & 
	11	Cllr D Kelsey of  45 each Cheque Nos 93 & 94 signed by Cllr Luxton & Clerk
	12	To approve payment of Clerks salary and expenses totalling 380-44.from 1st April
		 30th June 2007. Cheque No 90 signed by Cllrs Vogel & Luxton

25 Register of Members Interest Cllr completed forms requested from TDC
New Codes of Conducts Having been distributed were discussed, only amendment the Chairman
thought would affect council was that, you do not have to leave the room if you declare
interest etc as long as other members agree. Asked for a proposal that our council adopts
the new conducts Cllr Harris proposed, seconded by Cllr Luxton. All agreed.

26 Planning an application for the councils approval received From Mr Mrs
M Brown Location Treetops 17 Chapel Close Petrockstowe EX20 3HR No
1/0710/2007/FUL. Proposal:single storey rear extension (garden room)
.Councillor had no objections all agreed.

27 Business received after agenda printed. Parish Needs and Priority Identification
to be completed by Parish Plan coordinator
Readers file has been circulated.
Meeting closed at 9-25pm.



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