Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes July 2005

                     Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 19th July 2005 n the 
                               Baxter Hall at 8pm

Councillors present: P Vogel A Hunkin S Cottle S Johnston W Luxton 
                     R Watts  H Harris clerk Members of the public 5.

27	Apologies of absence: Received from Cllr G Thatcher                                         
	District Cllr P Collins County Cllr J Rawlinson.

28	Minutes: The minutes of the 17t" May and planning 1st June having been previously  		
	circulated were signed as a correct record subject to
	Minute 20 (b) Cllr S Johnston being omitted from recreation ground committee, and should 	
	have read Cllr Cottle not caller Cottle.

29	Matters arising No reply's have been received from L Smith or the Chairman of DAPC on  	
	the subject the parish minutes.
	Chairman reported on the councils visit to Hallwood Farm by kind permission of 
	Mr Mrs R & R Kelsey.
	The Enhancement Grant to help with the repairs to the War memorial walls from 
	Torridge District council have now been received a total of 945. Thank you to 
	Cllr Collins for his help in securing the payment.

30	PUBLIC SESION: No items were raised.

31	Financial Matters
	(a) Church Yard Fund PCC 200 Cheque No 40 Signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts    
	(b) Baxter Hall 200 Cheque No 39 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts
	(c) Baxter Hall Play Area 80 Cheque No 38 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts    
	(d) Rainbow Pre School 15 Cheque No 41 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts.    
	(e) Friends Clinton School 15 Cheque No 42 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts. 
	(f) CAB 10 Cheque No 43 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts.
	(g) Mr J Priestley audit 15 Cheque No 46 Signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts.
	(h) Clerks Wages and expenses 354-48 cheque no 45 signed by S Cottle & Watts
	All these payments the chairman proposed that they should be paid in full all Cllrs agreed.
	The AGM of the DAPC in October, it was proposed that Cllr Johnston should attend at a cost 			
	of 15 Cheque No 48 was signed by Cllrs Cottle & Luxton all
	Cllrs agreed
	The DPFA annual general meeting is being held in Dolton village hall this year July 28th   			
	llam- lpm Cllr Johnston was asked if he would attend he said he would, it was agreed to 
	pay the fee of 5-50. Cheque No 49 was Signed by Cllrs Cottle & Luxton.
	It was agreed that we should transfer 500 of our budget to the Portman building society    		
	has we have already an account with them. Cheque no 47 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Luxton.
	When the clerk went to pay in the cheque, was told that we have to wait until the a/c is 			
	reopened and new signatures have been obtained. As the a/c has not been used for a while 			
	still the old signatures.	

32	Planning Applications
	The planning application No NI /0808/OS Mr Mrs Shoebottom North Barn Hook Farm 

33   	Councillors Reports

	DAPC Cllr Johnston attended a meeting held earlier in July, The main complaint that there 		
	was no laid down complaints procedure which makes communications awkward Some  
	Parish Councils have withdrawn from Dapc didn't know it was suggest that perhaps they 
	were not happy with proceedings. The new licensing laws were discussed as many parish 			
	councils own there halls. The travellers were discussed again. And the fees for the DAPC 		
	were discussed and a rise of 5% was suggested. To be confirmed 
	It was suggested that we send a delegate to the AGM Cllr S Johnston will attend the forms 		
	were completed and sent with the fee of 15.
	Mrs Buchanan asked what the DAPC did and Cllr Johnston replied on the councils behalf.

	Recreation Ground
	Cllr S Cottle The next event on the field will be the annual fun day on the 27th August with    	
	a it's a Knockout being organised by Mr N Weekes The day to start at 11 am and end at   
	3pm. With various stalls.
	Cricket matches are going ahead With a good following on Sunday afternoons 
	Cllr P Vogel reported that he could not attend one meeting, various thing were discussed 		
	Including our own insurance for Parish councils proved to be cheaper it was proposed that  
	we look into for next year to include play area.
	There is a first aider at Lt Torrington would it be an advantage to have at other Villages. 		
	Baxter Hall.
	New water has been fitted proved successful at gardening barbecue, Dance on 20th August 
	The Annual Supper Evening on the 9th September Annual General Meeting on the 19th 
	September All were Thanked who helped with the Annual Spring Clean recently He 
	suggested that when the council ask for a quote for the annual insurance they include the  	
	play area.

	34 Correspondence
	(a)  Readers File Circulated.
	(b)  A letter from Mr B young was read and placed in the file.
	(c)  North Devon Journal Rep no applicants to date. Adverts placed in notice boards. 
	(d)  Village outing to Longleat only 3 seats left.
	(e)  Planning meetings at Riverbank House Mr A Hunkin would like to attend 
	(f)  Landscape Access Recreation and map in file.
	(g)  Millwood homes K Bolton will let us know when she has any info Mr Buchanan                        
	reported that she had had a call to say that the Millwood Homes are responsible for 
	making up the roads not the Highways and the Highways have to inspect it. Should   
	have been in place by July.
	(h)  Environmental Health letter to be placed on the Notice Board.
	(i)  Policy for charging for elections clerk to write and suggests that it is put on the agenda 	
	for the next TAC meeting when all councils are represented.
	(j)  Council- Tax Restrictions on voting (placed in file)
	(k)  Copy of the letter Baxter Hall sent to R G on the licensing laws. (placed on file) 
	(l)  DAPC AGM on the 1" October Cllr Johnston to attend
	(m)  DPFA meeting at Dolton Village HalLon the 28th July 05.                                              
	Complaints about the water at Oaklands clerk to write and complain. 
	No more business meeting closed at 9-20pm.

	     Copies to all Cllrs County Cllrs District Cllr Mr M Wright web-site

	     H R Harris clerk


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