Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes July 2004

                     Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting 20th July 2004.held in the Baxter Hall at 8pm.

Cllrs Present: Chairman P Vogel Vicechair G Thatcher S Cottle S Johnston 
               A Hunkin W Luxton R Watts, clerk. 15 members of the public.

20.0	Apologies from: County Cllr J Rawlinson District Cllr P Collins.

21.0   	Minutes of the Annual General meeting held on 20th May 2004.
        planning meeting on 22 June 2004 having been previously circulated
        were signed as a correct record subject to the following corrections 
        Delete from Minute 8.1 first line and his wife. Omited from Minute
        16.0 that Cllr S Cottle declared a personal interest.
21.1	Matters arising from minutes Minute 11.2 Cllr Johnston asked what
        the age was that Cllrs would not be covered by parish council insurance 
        the Chairman said that he would try and find out before the next meeting
21.2    Cllr Johnston asked if the chairman if he had, had a reply on the reading of
        the parish meeting minutes,chairman had a phone call from Lesley Smith
        she said that the former clerk had informed the council correct that the
        minutes could be approved at the next meeting or the next parish meetings
        Cllr Johnston proposed that we asked for this in writing seconded by 
        Cllr Cottle.Cllr Thatcher proposed an amendment to this 4 Cllrs agreed
        1 against 1 abstained.

22.1	Mr Payne would like all the verges and roads around Chapel Close to be
        completed by the Millwood homes immediately,T Wirral to put into action
        It needs to be tarmaced along by the Methodist Chapel a right mess at the
        moment. He said that it was agreed that ample parking would be on the
        Millwood homes site for work vechicles this is not being applied with and
        vechiles are parking in chapel close and alongthe road causing problems
        for the parishoners.Mrs Buchanan reported that she has a lady coming to
        visit her to discuss where surface water from chapel close that used to go
        down the new road now it dosn't, but where is it going.J Harris thought
        that some of the propertys on the site would have been affordable housing
        but understands they are all over 300.00 Cound'nt Petrockstowe have 
        some affordable housing as other villages are.R Horwood brought up
        about the light that had been removed from the Chapel Close entrance
        Clerk to write to western power. Cllr Johnston wanted it recorded that
        anything Mrs Johnston says she says in her own right.

23.0    Mr Wright spoke on the village web-site He has created a Petrockstowe
        website has made o list of things he thought would be most useful to
        the village He has offered to search the web and add to the site for the
        council and the village. Will report back to the clerk. Cllr Johnston had
        reservations as to what would happen if Mr Wright left the village Cllrs 
        would like to accept Mr Wrights kind work on a website for
        the Parish Council and the village
23.1    Millwood Homes Cllr Vogel wrote the Millwood homes re-compensation.
        to the village no reply has been received
23.2    Western Power have offered 50 for going on to the Methodist Chapel
        ground without permission not received up to our meeting.Cllr A Hunkin
        reported at the planning meeting that this has now been received.

24.0    Councillors reports
24.1    DAPC Cll Johnston reported Main topic was the subscriptions to rise by
        5% after much discussion it was carried
        Travellers are arriving in Devon be aware.
        A meeting is being held at Whiddon down on 29th July O4.on wind energy
        if you wish to attend a charge of 5.It is felt at the moment the Devon
        Playing fields are not much use some younger blood needed on committee.
        Baxter Hall Cllr Luxton reported that the Skittle Alley has been put on
        hold for the time being That the roof has again been repaired still some
        asbestos on the side of hall.
24.2    Recreation Ground A meeting is being held on Thursday 22nd 04.
24.3    TAC Cllr Vogel A meeting is being held tonight could not attend both
        will report on meeting in due course. 
25.0    Financial Matters
        (a) To approve payments of clerks wages from 31-3-04 to 31-6-04
        13 weeks at 24 = 312-00 Expenses 45-60 Total 357-60
        ( Cheques signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts No 000018)
        send bill to Millwood Homes and DCC For insufficient postage on letters.
        (b) To approve Internal auditors a/c of 15-00 Cheque No 000024
        (Signed by Cottle & Watts)
         To approve donation of 10-00 to CAB Cheque No 000023
        (signed by Watts & Cottle)
        (d) To approve Play area Insurance of 80-00
        Cheque No 000022 signed by Cllrs Cottle & Watts 
        Cllr Johnston proposed that it was recorded in the minutes as in the
        minute No 29.1 on 2-12-03 No seconder 4 against 1 for 1 abstained.
26.0    Matching Grants
        To approve Payments to:
        (a) Petrockstowe Pariochial Church Cllr Thatcher declared interest
        143-50 Cheque No 000021 (Signed by Cllr Cottle & Watts)
        (b) Baxter Hall 143-50 Cllr Luxton & A Hunkin declared interest
        Cheque No000020 (signed by Cllr Cottle & Watts.)
         Rainbow Pre-school 20-00 Cheque No 000019 signed by
        (Cllrs Cottle & Watts.)
27.0    Internal Auditors report was read and noted Cllrs agreed with the report.
27.1    Annual Audit has been advertised and sent to auditors.
        Planning Matters
28.1    Permission approved for Mr Mrs B Jeffs Bramble Cott No/l/0722/04/FUL
28.2    Permission approved for Mr Mrs R Wood The Old School House
        Petrockstowe Nol/0781/04/LBC.
28.3    Permission Refused For Mr Mrs W Douglas-Mann Larkworthy
        Petrockstowe Nol/889/04/COU 
29.0    Correspondence
        (a) Readers File circulated
        (b) Lengthsmen in the village 12-13 August to be confirmed with DCC.
         Barn Owl Boxes (Noted and placed on File)
        (d) J Burnets confirmation of lease payment, and that he is looking
        into the position of the roads into village Thanked the council for bringing
        the state of the roads to his attention, will contact us when he has any further
        information on the matter.
        (e) Kerbside Collections Cllr Johnston proposed that we contact TDC and
        ask why we are not included in the next lot of collections, as we were 
        promised. Clerk has had a call from Cllr Collins he said all these things take
        time and money to set up but we will be on the collection list soon as
        (f) Torridge first paper the view of the meeting what a waste of money.
        (g) Ashmoor management plan a list of points and corrections on the plan
        have been sent to the DCC with 2 Names for any action plan committee.
        ( Mr J Skinner local farmer and Cllr W Luxton).
        (h) We have been offered a grant of 250-00 from the War Memorials Ass.
        It was resolved to accept this offer No date from the builder as to the start
        date on the project.
        (i) Beaford Arts letter noted and placed on file
        (j) a list of dates for the next years meetings were circulated to all Cllrs.
        Mrs J Skinner and the editor of Petrockstowe News.and placed in the

30.0    Any other business
        Cllr Hunkin when next in Torrington will visit the DCC site at gas lane to see
        if he can find out when we are likely to see any repairs to roads.
        Cllr Thatcher has had complaints on the hedges at Ash Cross.
        Cllr Vogel has had correspondence on the buses comments all say same
        stopped due to lack of support.

        No other Business Meeting closed at 9-20pm.

        Next Meeting Tuesday 21st September 2004 at 8pm.

        Copies to all Cllrs, County Cllr J Rawlinson & District Cllr P Collins
        H R Harris (clerk to the council)

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