Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

         		Minutes of the Petrockstowe Parish Council meeting held in the
			      Baxter Hall on Tuesday 15th January 2008 at 8pm.

          Councillors Present: P Vogel (chairman) I Fisher (vice chair). A Hunkin J Harris D Kelsey 
                    W Luxton, District Councillor P Collins, Clerk, 21 members public,
                                 Including neighbouring Local Councillors

43.	Street Lighting The meeting was opened with a presentation from Mr Shane Bayley 
	from the Street Lighting Department of the Devon county Council Barnstaple. 
	He presented three options for saving Carbon emissions with the street lightings. 
	It was proposed that the proposals would be included in the local newsletter, 
	for Parishioners comments.
	Clerk will report back to Mr Bayley, with the proposal chosen for our village. 
	He will then apply for funding to carry out the work, with no expense to the 
	village or parishioners. The work that has just been carried out on the lights 
	was essential maintenance work to keep the lights from continually failing to function.

43.	Apologies apologies were received from Cllr C Hanson.J Rawlinson.

43.	Minutes. The minutes of 20th November 2007 having been previously circulated were
	signed by the Chairman as a correct record. 

46	Matters from minutes and Public session.
	1.  The seats on the Tarka trail are the responsibility of Devon County Council they
	have been reported as in need of urgent repairs. Mr M Brown has met the warden 
	who said that the council are hoping to employ someone on the health and safety look after 
	these seats clerk to contact D CC,
	(2) Clerk to contact B T Re Broadband again after no reply has been received.
	(3) Parish plans survey are now ready for distribution with newsletter.
	(4) Torridge District council have received application for pruning acer tree no work
	be done before we get permission is granted, Cllr Fisher proposed that we ask
	someone qualified to complete work if permission is given
	(5) Contact DCC re the holes and floods on the roads
	(6) Torridge would like any comments to be in the Local Development Framework as
	soon as possible.
47 	Councillors reports
	(a) Baxter Hall Cllr W Luxton reported that the lottery has been contact to apply for
	funding to resurface car park and extend cupboard on the hall etc. more film
	shows will be held in Baxter hall. 2 new Saucepans have purchased for use in
	kitchen April 19th J Cash tribute Band in hall.
	(b) Play area Cllr Harris the play area had to cancel there AGM owing to illness and
	work commitment, hoping to hold next month. An update on the play area
	accounts were given.
	  Recreation ground The gate to the recreation ground has had to be unlocked
	owing to the water board having to fit a new meter in the field and could give no
	definite date as to when the work would be done.

Minutes of 15th January 2008 continued.

	d. Cllr P Collins felt that we should submit any comments for inclusion in the LDF
	report as soon as possible Chairman said he would make a report.
48	Planning Applications.
	1. Application received from Mr L Kennedy 2 Tileyard Petrockstowe EX20 3QT
	Location Olde Bury Barn Petrockstowe EX20 3ET. Proposal Conversion of Barn to create 
	dwelling No 1/1464/2007/LBC
	2) Mr L Kennedy 2 Tileyard Petrockstowe EX20 3QT. Proposal. Change of use 
	from Barn to dwelling (amended scheme) Location Olde Bury Barn
	Petrockstowe No 1/1447/2007/FUL No Comments from the Cllrs as they
	understand work had already been completed.
	3) Location Mr Mrs Neaves Woodgates Petrockstowe EX20 3HW 
	No 1/1001/2008/FUL.
	Proposal Raising existing kitchen extension roof to enable formation of roof in
	loft space. Cllrs had no objections all agreed

49.	Financial Payments.
	Clerks Salary and Expenses of 357-52 payment proposed by Cllr Hunkin sec
	by Cllr Kelsey all agreed Cheque No 101 signed by Cllrs Hunkin and Vogel.
	50 A New Councillors Course to be held at the Cedars in Barnstaple on 1st April
	2008 Council will pay expenses for Cllrs wishing to attend if they wish.

No more more business meeting closed at 9-35.
Next meeting will be held in the Baxter Hall on Tuesday 18th March at 8pm.




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