Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes February 2005


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 15th February 2005.
                     In the Baxter Hall at 8pm

Councillors present: P Vogel S Cottle S Johnston A Hunkin
R Watts Clerk.

Apologies Received from Cllrs W Luxton & G Thatcher.

64.0	Financial Matter : War Memorial Walls, the rebuilding
        of the walls has been completed, the payment had to be paid
        to the builder, before TDC will pay out the grant money, a
        meeting was called to approve the a/c to be paid to the
        builders Mr R Watts & Sons Ltd The sum being 2,221,92.
        Cheque No 000030 signed by Cllrs Luxton & Cottle.
        Cllr S Johnston proposed that the a/c be paid seconded by
        Cllr A Hunkin. Cllr Johnston wanted it recorded that we did
        not need to call a meeting to pay this a/c as it had been
        already approved. Clerk said that she did not realise this.
        Cllr Watts declared his interest in the rebuilding of the
        walls.Cllr Cottle wanted any future meetings a little later on
        a Tuesday evening.

65.0	Cllr Hunkin asked for the Parish outing to be placed on the
        next agenda.
        No contact has been received From Mr R Heath regarding 
        his proposed visit to the council meeting in January. Have
        given Mr Heath the date for the next meeting and the parish 
        meeting in April.

        No more business Chairman declared the meeting closed at 
Copies to all Cllrs and District P Collins County Cllr J Rawlinson 
Mr M Wright Web-site
HR Harris (clerk)

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