Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

                         Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall on                
                                      Thursday 14th December at 8pm 2006.

Councillors present: S Johnston (chairman), P Vogel, W Luxton, I Fisher, A Hunkin.
                               Clerk, 5 members of the public.

68      Apologies of absence Apologies received from Cllr S Cottle & Cllr R Watts.

69      Planning Applications. The following applications have been received for the Council's
	(1) Mr Mrs B T & J M Jeffs Bramble Cottage Petrockstpw 
		No 1/2036/2006/FUL
		Proposal. Replace front door with stable door, add porch, and lay natural
		slate to the front.
		Location. 4 The square Petrockstow Okehampton Devon. (Cllrs have no objections).

	(2) Mr C Hancock Orchard House Petrockstow Okehampton Devon EX20 3HJ. 
		No 1/2401/2006/FUL.
		Proposal. Proposal ground floor shower and W/C and first floor balcony. 
		Location. Orchard House Petrockstow. EX20 SHJ.Cllrs had no objections
	(3) Mr Mrs V J Coughlin Hall Court Farm Petrockstow Okehampton Devon 
		EX20 3HP. No   1/2459/2006/COU. 
		Proposal: Variation of condition 03 to Planning Approval 
		1/1770/2004/COU that unit 5 be occupied as ancillary annexe to main house. 
		Location. Hall Court Farm Petrockstow Okehampton Devon EX20 3HP. 
		Cllrs require more information before they comment, on the application. 
		Cllr present agreed.
70      Play Area Lease.
		Chairman was asked on his progress, on the play area lease. Chairman has sent a copy of 
		the lease to the Secretary L Smith of the Devon Association of Parish Council's for her 
		opinion of the lease. The chairman was asked what faults he had found with the lease, he 
		read out some of the items he did not agree with. He thought that the Hall committee had 
		not done as the charity commission stated, and called the meeting with residents. 
		Will report back as soon as he has a reply from D A P C Secretary.

		Next meeting is on Tuesday 16th January at 8pm

		Copies to all Councillors, District Councillor P Collins County Councillor J Rawlinson 
		M Wright web site

		HR Harris (clerk) 


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