Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

Petrockstowe Parish Council

	Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Baxter Hall 8pm on 
                              Tuesday 22nd August 2006.

Cllrs Present: G Thatcher Chairman S Johnston vice chairman A Hunkin P Vogel S Cottle 
W Luxton clerk 2 members of public.

24th August 2006.

37	Apologies Received from Cllr R Watts District Cllr P Collins.

38	Minutes	To be approved at next meeting due to error of clerk.

39	Matters arising An extra meeting was arranged as the clerk had received the 
	lease for the play area, 6 days before. From the Solicitors Bazeley Barnes & 
	Bazeley acting for the Baxter Hall.
	(a) It was proposed by Or Vogel seconded by Cllr Hunkin that the clerk spoke to 
	    the secretary of the Baxter Hall to confirm when the actual date of the Insurance 
	    for the play area runs out. November 19th 2006 was mentioned previously. When 
	    we understood the Parish Council would take over, not 31st August as stated in the 
	(b) Could we have it in writing that the charity commission are happy with the 
	    lease, also a five-year lease? Proposed by Cllr Vogel Sec Cllr Hunkin. All 
	(c) Is the play area account with the Baxter Hall exhausted?
	(d) To ask Cllr R Watts if he would inspect the walls around the area and give a 
	    report at next meeting Proposed by Cllr Vogel Seconded by Cllr Cattle a11 in 
	(e) To clarify with Solicitors No 5.3.5 on the lease.

40	Any other business
	(a) It has been brought to the Chairman's attention that the Torridge District 
	    Council proposes to do away with the black refuse bags.
	    Clerk to write to Chief executive and Cllr Collins on the matter, as we do not get 
	    much for our council tax we pay now. All agreed.
	(b) Cllr Luxton has had it brought to his attention that the maple tree in the war 
	    Memorial area is getting very large, Clerk has contacted Mr F Deimert who 
	    works with wood to have a look to see if it can be pruned or whether it needs to 
	    be felled, will report at next meeting. No more business meeting closed at 8-

	Copies to all: Cllrs, District Cllr P Collins, DCC Cllr J Rawlinson, M Wright 
	Web Site.

	H R Harris Clerk 
	24th August 2006


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