Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes August 2005

Petrockstowe Parish Council

Minutes of Planning meeting held in the Baxter Hall on Tuesday 23 August at 8pm

Councillors Present P Vogel G Thatcher S Cottle R Watts W Luxton A Hunkin 

Clerk No members of public.

35	Apologies of absence: Cllr S Johnston.

36	Planning application no 1/1499/20051COU:

	(a) From Mr C Hancock Orchard House Petrockstowe EX20 3HJ 
	Proposal: Commercial depot to vehicle workshop.
	Location Country west Depot Petrockstowe Okehampton Devon EX20 3QF. 
	Cllrs present proposed that this application should be granted, and asked clerk to 
	To stress that they would like to see the permission granted as soon as possible.

37	 Cllr S Johnston cannot attend the D A P C annual general meeting on 1st October 
	 Cllr were asked if anyone could attend in his place, clerk to contact to see if the  
	 fee can be refunded.

37	Cllr G Thatcher proposed that a letter should be sent to Mr B Aldridge to Thank  
	him for all the work in his position as treasurer, that he has done for the Baxter 
	Hall,from the Parish Council. All Present agreed that the clerk should write.

38	Cllr R Watts mentioned that he had had a concern from a member of the public 
	about the children 	coming out of the new gate way, to the recreation ground on 
	bicycles, this is not meant as a complaint, but would not like to see an accident     
	and a child injured, the councillors on the recreation ground committee present    
	said that they would bring it up at the next meeting, about fixing a gate or stile        
	as soon as possible. At the entrance.

39	Also there have been complaints about the large lorries going to the clayworks.      
	all hours of the day and staying overnight, Cllrs did not know what could be done 
	about it, as they have to remove the clay. The roads are being ruined, and nothing 
	seems to be done.

40	It was resolved that the clerk should write to Mr M Stevens Crop-Mech and ask 
	him,if he could erect a sign opposite the Tarka trail to show were is yard is, as    
	there are large lorries coming into village and finding it difficult to turn.
       No more business the meeting closed at 8-15pm.

       Next meeting 20th September 2005


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