Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes April 2005

                        PETROCKSTOWE PARISH COUNCIL

        Minutes of the meeting held after parish meeting held in the Baxter hall 
	on Tuesday 19th April 2005 at 8pm.
	Cllrs present: P Vogel W Luxton R Watts G Thatcher A Hunkin
	District Cllr P Collins

	Members of public who stayed 2

	1.	Apologies of absence from Cllrs S Johnston & S Cottle.

	2.	Planning application received from Mr Mrs Hellyar
		No. 1/0497/2005/Cou.Retrospective application for the change
		of use of land to a garden and to regularise the newly formed
		pedestrian entrance to the garden and shed. Piece of land is 
		between the Baxter Hall and Town Farm Cottage. 
		Councillors have no objections.

	3	Dates of Training on the codes of conduct for Councillors.
	No more business the Chairman declared the meeting closed 9-40pm

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