Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

         	Minutes of Petrockstowe Annual Parish meeting held on 
	             Tuesday 17th April 2007 in the Baxter Hall.

Present Cllr S Johnston (Chairman), County Cllr J Rawlinson, District Cllr P Collins,
Ally Boyd DCC, Clerk, 16 Residents,. Mr T Seath. PC. S Middleton, PCSO M Baker.

1	Apologies  received from Mrs A Luxton, Cllr S Cottle, Cllr R Watts, Mrs J Harris, 
        Mrs M Kelsey, Mrs A Johnston, Mrs W Brown.

2	Minutes.  Minutes of Parish Meeting held 18th April 2006 having been circulated 
        were approved and signed as a correct record.
3	Matters arising  there were no matters arising from the minutes.

4	Parish Plan. Ally Boyd from Devon County Council spoke on how to start a Parish Plan. 
        A Parish Plan differs for different villages. Most villages that have completed their plan 
        have had positive results. They take about 18mths to complete. Residents can have their 
        own steering group, with the help from Parish Council; grants are available to help with 
        printing etc. The cost depends on the type of plan the village wants. Mrs I Fisher showed an 
        interest with some other residents. It was proposed that an advert is put in Petrockstowe 
        news to ask for volunteers, or opinions on whether to continue with a plan, P Collins felt 
        that it  is a way to see what the village needs; affordable housing, local post office local 
        schools. There are about 8 villages in Torridge area that do not have a plan, others are either 
        completed or in the processs of being completed, Ally Boyd is always available to assist 
        There are others at Torridge District Council that are willing to help get started. Grants are         
        also available from the Community Council of Devon. Chairman thanked her for her attendance.

5	Police We had an unexpected visit from PC S Middleton our Beat manager with her PCSO
        Melissa Baker. We have 2 Police Community Support Officers in Torrington, the other is 
        Sandra Brown. If we have any issues they will do their best to help. They would 
        like to be able to visit villages more often, but have quite large areas to cover. Cllr Vogel 
        raised the parking on yellow lines in Torrington She said that as there are no traffic wardens 
        people are taking advantage. PCSO have to rely on police for transport unless they can get 
        sponsorship. Chairman thanked, them for coming.

6	Chairmanís Report. Cllr Johnston gave his report on the work of the Parish Council. He 
        was elected chairman following the resignation of G Thatcher in September, He 
        expressed that Parish Councilís are only asked to give their comments on any planning 
        applications, they cannot approve applications. Play area is now the responsibility of 
        the Council for  £1 per year, with a sub committee, as with the Recreation ground. He 
        proposed on behalf of everyone a big Thank you to all of the sub-committee members for 
        thier efforts. A number of events have been arranged on the Recreation Ground, with the
        start of the cricket season.  Roads are constantly addressed. School transport is also an 
        on  going problem. Chairman Thanked J Rawlinson & P Collins for all they do for the
        village. Government White Paper are to give Parish Councils more say in future. Grants 
        have been awarded to the Baxter Hall, Churchyard fund, Rainbow Pre-school, Clinton 
        School., Play area Citizens Advice Bureau and Ring and  Ride. for 2007.Councillor 
        Johnston thanked all who have supported him during his time in office, and to all whom
        havenít, for giving him the challenge. It was put to the Parish that future parish meeting 
        agendas include a Chairmanís Annual Report. The resolution was carried.

7       Councilís Accounts. Clerk presented the accounts for the year, these were approved and 
        signed by the Chairman. 

8	Acer Tree Clerk reported that the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) had not been received 
        from Torridge but a report on the inspection had. Cllr Collins said that the TPO is being
        prepared, and thought that it should have been received, Council are concerned that as they 
        have been asked for it to be felled and replaced by a smaller version, how would they stand 
        if it came down and damaged property around. Cllr Rawlinsom thought the council would 
        be responsible for any damage. A number of residents do not consider that there is any
        urgency for tree to be felled. It will be discussed further  by the Parish Council.

9	School Transport.Clerk will write to Cllr J Rawlinson and give him the information that we
        have on the re-routing of the TORRO13 to Torrington. He will look into it on our behalf.

10	J Rawlinson reported that a sum of money has been awarded to Devon to help repair minor 
        roads, it was suggested that Petrockstowe should have more money as there are a lot of 
        heavy clay  lorries using the roads. Let him have a list of roads needing repairing He 
        thanked council for keeping him informed. J Rawlinson asked to be excused, Chairman 
        thanked him again for all the work he does on our behalf.

11	Street Lighting  It was brought to the meetingís attention that the street lights are left on all 
        night, and a lot of power is wasted, There were concerns about accidents and crime if lights 
        were turned off. It was suggested that each area be turned off alternately, for a trial period.. 
        All present were in favour of this suggestion. 

12	Parish Representatives. 4 representatives to the Baxter Hall committee from the Parish are 
        Mr B Aldridge Mrs J Jeffs Mr T James and Mr M Stephenson others remain the same.

13	Road Closures A number of road closures for the village, received by the clerk will be 
        placed on the notice boards and in Newsletter in due course.

14	P Collins. Spoke on a meeting he had attended with the Audit Commission, improvements
        are being seen at Torridge, a lot of work still to be done in certain areas, The annual 
        inspection for the Torridge Council cost £85,000. Heads of departments are now getting
        monthly  accounts. He is sure that we will soon be getting cardboard collections no date 
        available yet. Torridge are supporting our local Post Offices. He was asked about 2 weekly 
        collections, after losing our black bags, It is not on the cards as yet,
        Chairman thanked him for all he has done in his term of office.

        Meeting closed at 9-40pm



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