Petrockstowe Parish Council Minutes

          Petrockstowe Annual Parish Meeting 2005

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Baxter Hall

             Tuesday 19th April 2005 at 8pm.

Present: P Vogel Chairman G Thatcher Vice Chairman 
W Luxton A Hunkin R Watts District Cllr P Collins. Clerk 
Members of the public present 18.
Apologies From County Cllr J Rawlinson, Cllrs S Johnston S Cottle 
Mrs A Luxton Mrs J Harris.

4	Mr R Heath Chief Executive Torridge District Council

4a	He spoke on his life at Torridge He was asked to come to 
	Torridge to help with the recovery, For 3mths of 2 days a week. 
	Which he said he would do, while at Torridge, the present Chief 
	executive left, He took over the post until a new executive could 
	be appointed, his three month stay looks to be at least 15mths, as
	adverts for a new Chief Executive have now gone to the press and 
	are in progress. He spoke on how Torridge are well on there well 
	to recovery. pulling there self around after a very bad time. A 
	spell of bullying did not help the 3 people concerned have left the 
	council and bullying has ceased.
	The housing services had fallen behind schedule, he said that 
	then he came to Torridge, the planning department was in a 
	terrible state 2 very over worked planning officers, now back on 
	schedule after employing more staff, still short because of 
	We will be hearing soon about a corporal plan
	He his hoping that when he leaves Torridge District Council it 
	will be a better place than when he came. He stressed that we 
	have some excellent Cllrs working for the Torridge District 
4b	Questions were put to Mr Heath he answered to the best of his 
	Plannings taking a long time to process was one of the main 
	points put. Cllr Collins pointed out that Cllrs should inspect any 
	plans well, and make sure to state all points, especially on 
	affordable housing. The council tax was questioned as we are one
	of the highest taxed, Mr Heath said that Torridge finances were in 
	such a bad state because of bad investments over the past years. 
	When asked what had happened to the bullies, he said that as far 
	as he new, 2 had retired and other left.
	Hopefully it is all back on track.
	No more Questions the Chairman thanked Mr Heath for coming.
5)	Minutes The minutes for 2004 were circulated having been 
	approved at the May 2004 meeting. The 2005 minutes will be 
	approved at the 2006 meeting. Mrs A Johnston wanted one 
	amendment to the minutes, item 8 Mrs A Johnston wished for 
	her name to be removed as seconder to this motion as she did not 
	second any motion that Clir Johnston had proposed.
6)	Matters arisin,g
	To place another ad in the Newsletter regarding any people who 
	have not received there green boxes for recycling.
7)	Financial Matters A summary of the Parish council accounts for 
	parishioners inspection.
8)	Baxter Hall Appointed Parish representatives Mrs A Luxton
	Mrs A Vallance Mrs J Skinner Mr B Aldridge re-elected. 
	Proposed by Mrs Aldrige seconded by Mr Bucanan. 
	Baxter Hall wine & Wisdom 23rd April.
	No other organisation reports.
9)	No information on road repairs clerk was asked to write again to 
	express to highways on the state of the road between the village 
	And Aish cross. The lorries to Millwaod Homes are still using 
	the Brandise Hill after repeated requests not to do so.
10)	Parish Plan After discussing whether we should have a parish 	
	plan Many good points on the advantages of a parish plan were 
	put forward by Cllr P Collins. It was decided to put on hold for 
	the time being.
11)	Parish Outing Cllr Hunkin asked for this item to be put on 
	agenda but confessed he had not had time to look into the future 
	of the outing, will do this before the next meeting.
12)	a) Mrs Johnston proposed that this meeting is advertised more 
	especially in the local newsletter, Mrs Woods said that it was, 
	Perhaps next year in bigger print.
	b) Mr B Aldridge pointed out that with only 201 in the play area 
	Fund unless more funding from the Parish council is made 
	Available to pay the insurance, the play area will have to close, 
	The chairman expressed that the usual 80 had been precepted 
	For.Mr Aldridge said that it is not enough. And the play area will 
	not be insured.
	Next parish council meeting the annual general on 17th May

	No more business the meeting closed at 9-25pm 
	There was a short planning meeting after.

	Copies to all Cllrs County Cllr District Councillor P Collins. 
	Mr M Wright Web-site

Mrs HR Harris clerk


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