Petrockstowe Annual Parish Meeting Minutes April 2004


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 20th April 2004.
                     In the Baxter Hall at 8pm

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held Tuesday 28th April 2004

Present:   Cllr Vogel in the Chair, Cllrs Luxton, Cottle Johnston Thatcher Watts Hunkin
           County Councillor J Rawlinson Mrs H Harris (clerk) 19 members of the public.

Apologies: Cottle C Cottle J Skinner, J Hardwicke, P&J Harris P Harris Cllr P Collins.

1.	Constable Lommes was called away on other business and could not attend.

2.	Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held 28th April 2003.  One page having
        been circulated the second page was read by the chairman. signed as a correct 
        record subject the following amendments. The chairman to seek further advice 
        on when the Parish minutes should be read and signed.
        Item 3 Delete Mrs A Luxton and Insert Mrs A Johnston
        Item 5 (a) Mrs A Johnston has looked up voting at Parish Meetings they should be by 
        majority votes as the voting was a 8-4 it was a majority vote Insert so it was legal.
        Item 8 Mrs A Johnston  wished her name to be removed as the seconder to this 
        motion as she would not have seconded any motion that Cllr Johnston had proposed.

3.	Parish Council Balance Sheet  B Aldridge Queried why the insurance for £80.00 for the 
        play area had not been paid and hoped it would be paid in full this year and quoted 
        that it had risen to £120.00 for this year.  Mr Buckland queried the repairs to the 
        Recreation Tractor as being a large amount, it was pointed out that the council had 
        hoped to be able to claim back the vat, but this is not possible as we don’t own the 
        tractor. all agreed that the Chairman should sign the balance sheet as a correct record.  
        Were asked if it would be possible to see any Recreation Ground balance sheets.  
        Chairman said that surely they would have an AGM.  

4.	Parish Organisations Reports   Cllr Luxton reported that the hall roof repairs have now 
        been completed and a committee formed for the Skittle Alley Project.  
        Appointment of Parish Representatives to the Baxter Hall Committee.
        Mrs A Luxton Mrs J Skinner Mrs A Vallance, Mr B Aldridge were elected to represent the 
        village for the coming year. proposed by Mr Buckland seconded by Mrs S Aldridge

        Recreation Ground   Cllr Cottle reported that a number of events have been arranged for the 
        coming year to include cricket matches, football tournament, a Fun-day and mouse racing  
        Cllr Johnston expressed that a vote of thanks should be sent to the committee of the 
        Recreation Ground for all they’re hard work in making the Recreation Ground a success.
        All agreed.  Clerk to write.

5.	AshMoor Update  Cllr J Rawlinson was asked if he had any information on the 
        progress of the site he replied that he had not.  C Patterson from stamp replied that the 
        restoration is take most of the year.  Defra still want to hold on to site, for five years.  
        Wildlife Trust are still interested but need to find the funding.

6.	Road Repairs   
        (a) J Rawlinson answered questions on the state of the roads and the council 
        tax a lot of the council tax goes on Social Services etc Highways always suffer the most
        when cuts are needed.  We must report any bad potholes as they will come and fill with hot 
        tar to protect until the money is available.  Cllr Rawlinson TDC are hoping to use the 
        extra Council Tax payments, from the second home owners to provide affordable housing. 
        He said that the council should keep them informed if we have people wanting housing.
        (b) Mr M Brown concerned about the light pole being left standing at the side of the road 
        after the road had been widened at the end of Chapel Close.

        (c) Concern was expressed to Cllr Rawlinson about the proposed road closing, and the
        new proposals for the local Bus Services.

        (d) It was brought to Cllr Rawlinsons attention that we were one of three villages that do  
        not have kerbside collections for recycling he replied this will be altering in the near
        future, we should be receivIng notice within the next 3mths.

        (e) Sure Start for the under fives alternative to a crech has opened in Torrington.
        The next meeting was arranged for 22nd June 2004 But has had to be 
        brought forward to Thurday 20th May.2004 at 8pm in Baxter Hall

        There being no further business the meeting closed at 9-10 pm

HR Harris (clerk)

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