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In his notes dated 1.4.1964 H Fulford Williams records 3 Charities mentioned in the Devon Charity Report 1829 Vol 3 p259. Detail are listed below.

Rolles Gift In 1775 Samuel Rolle Clerk left 100 producing 10 shillings for the poor, it vanished some time after 1790
Hutchings Gift A charge of 10 shillings on land, lost in a chancery suite in 1793
Gifts if Joseph & David Bowhay A bequest to the parish that was declared void under the Martmain Statute in 1781
In 1964 Kelly's Directory dis not mention any parish charities

An inquiry into the Endowed Charities (County of Devon) was held on 1st July 1909. The inquiry was held in the Petrockstow School and was attended by the Rev A.G. Allton, rector, Messrs Thomas Brooks & J Dufty churchwardens, Mr J Headon chairman of the parish council, Mr J Martin overseer, Mr R B Giles assistant overseer and Messrs S Daw, R Rdige, F Moore and E Trace
It referred to the Report on this Parish dated 24th January 1824 of the Commisioners appointed in pursuance of the Acts 58 George III c91 and 59 GeorgeIII c81 to inquire concerning Charities in England and Wales (VolI page 142)

Rolle's Gift

It is stated in the returns made to Parliament in 1786 that Samuel Rolle clerk gave by will in 1735 to the poor of this parish not receiving relief 100 pounds then vested in the Reverend William Paxton, and producing an annual interest of 10 shillings. Mr Paxton was a former rector of the parish and died about thirty years ago
We have not been able to ascertain whether Mr Paxton died possessed of the before mentioned sum, or whether it was transmitted by him or his representative to any other person. No interest has been bestowed in respect of it for many years, but it is reputed in the parish that the interest was distributed during Mr Paxton's life time
The inquiry decided that there was nothing to add to this account and that the gift was lost

Hutchings Gift

In an overseer's account book, under the date of 10th April 1732, is an entry, stating that at a general meeting of the parishioners of Petrockstowe, there was received of the Rev. Samuel Rolle ten shillings as the interest of 10 pounds given to the poor of the said parish by Margery Hutchins, which year's interest was due on this day. In another entry bearing date 27th April 1736 and signed by the rector and the two overseers for the same year it is stated that 10 guineas were received of Mrs Jane Rolle exectrix of the Rev Samuel Rolle, being the money given to the poor of the said parish by Margery Hutchins
The interest of 10 shillings appears to have been paid to the overseers and bought into their account in 1757, 1769 and 1771
It appears from the accounts that from 1794 to 1801 10 shillings was annually distributed out of the poor rate, to such of the poor as had no relief in respect of this donation; but this distribution has been discontinued from the last mentioned period. The paishioners were involved in a suit in Chancery in 1793 and it is supposed that the above mentioned sum of 10 pounds was applied at that time towards the expenses of that suit. We were assured that it should be proposed to the parishioners to recommence this small payment out of the poor's rate
The inquiry decided that since no payment had been in respect of this gift in the last 70 years that it was taken to be lost

Gifts of Joseph & David Bowhay

Joseph Bowhay, who died in1781 gave by his will to the poor of this parish, an annuity of 10 shillings issuing out of a tenement called Denford's Tenement, in this parish, during his interest in the said tenement and David Bowhay who died in December 1803 by his will bearing date in1799 gave for the same purpose a similar annuity, issuing out of the same premises, to be distributed by his exectur as long as his interest continued therein
James Smale is now possessed of the interest in Denford's Tenement which Joseph and David Bowhay succesively had, being for the lives of Joseph and John Risdon who are both living
Although this gift is void under the Mortmain Act the sum of 20 shillings has been annually distributed on Christmas day by Mr Smale, one moiety being disposed of in bread and the other in money amongst poor persons of the parish, selected by Mr Smale
The inquiry decided these gifts were extinct as the payment of 10 shillings a year under David Bowhay's Gift and during Mr James Smale's life (up to 1846), of an additional 10 shillings was duly made in respect of this git, until the lives for which it was granted fell in. The last of these Mr Joseph Risdon died in 1855 and the last distribution was made in 1857. The Charities are therefore extinct
At the inquiry it was stated that there were no other Charities known to exist in the parish

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