The Art Hopper

Ever wondered what a real artists studio looks like?  
Do they really have a chaotic loft space crammed with canvases and strange collected 
objects or is it minimalist chic with white walls?  
Do they work late into the night drinking wine in a cloud of smoke?  
What really inspires them?

In June there is an exclusive opportunity in North Devon to find out.  
Join a special Art Hopper tour led by a friendly guide around North Devon artistís studios.  
Meet the artists and visit some of the most inspiring places to live and work in England.  
Breeze through the beautiful countryside in a luxury mini coach listening to tales 
about Devonís tiny villages.  If you have always wanted to buy an artwork but needed 
the chance to talk to the artist, this is the trip for you.  
You will meet like-minded people and have a great day out.  
It is also the perfect day out if you have visitors staying for a long weekend, 
no map reading arguments or paying to park.

This is an exciting venture for Dion who has always worked in the arts world having 
moved to Braunton from London last year. Previously she ran tours in Hampshire 
and is keen to help promote the wonderful artists living and working in Devon.  
ďI am amazed by the range of artistic talent in North Devon, also by the friendly 
welcoming arts community who have encouraged me to organise these toursĒ. 
This is going to be a very relaxed and enjoyable day out; you donít have to be an art 
expert to appreciate a tour on 10th, 22nd and 24th June.  
If these tours are successful Dion will be organising more dates throughout the year

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